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  1. Hey Guys! I have 2 Xbox consoles and I try to play Chaos Theory in System Link Mode. Both Xboxes are connected to my router. I can find the other console, I can join a game. I can start the game but as soon as I move one player the game instantly disconnects Does anyone know why?
  2. Well I know about the UDATA folder, I just don't know there they go on the 360
  3. i have a cable like this.. but can't I just copy the Savegame with FTP? I also copy my games from the classic xbox to the 360 with ftp. I just need to know to which folder I have to copy
  4. Hey Guys! Is there a way to Copy my save game files from my modded Xbox to my 360 with RGH (for backwards compatibilty) if yes: how can I do that? :)
  5. i'm really sorry! I thought I was clear about the fact that I used PS2wide hacks! I never meant that this is my own work! I just posted it so other people didn't had the work to patch the files themselves!
  6. Hey Everyone! Fifa 07 (NTSC US) always crashes during the load screen when the bar is at almost 1/4th. It's pretty much like a hard crash in windows, everything freezes and the sound loops. I downloaded the Game from Arcade Punks. I tried Unleashx and XMBC4Gamers. My xbox is hardmodded Does anyone else have this problem?
  7. Here you go! https://drive.google.com/open?id=19ENuXQZ07B7H3Axf4qg5hE1QEjUHOb-h
  8. i am using the latest synopsis from the artwork downloader. Too bad the categories are fixed though well seems like I just have to add my informations to the "general features" category
  9. I have a couple of already patched XBE's for some NTSC games. May I post them here?
  10. Those screenshots look really nice! Unfortunately I don't have a 1ghz 128mb ram xbox, so I stick with 480p and widescreen patches I found a couple of widescreen patches on ps2wide, but it's just a couple over there. do you guys have a suggestion where I can find more?
  11. Can I add more categories to the synopsis files? I tried adding <resolution>480p</resolution to a default.xml file, but it's not shown on the xbox. I would like to add resolution and aspect ratio information to my games
  12. Is it possible to add more categories to the Synopsis files? I opened one default.xml with a text editor and I tried something like: <resolution>480p</resolution> but it wasn't showing up on the xbox. I would like to add Resolution and Aspect Ratio informations to my Synopsis Files :)

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