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  1. nevermind.. the redump version works fine now seems like there was a problem while extracting
  2. I downloaded it from the web. (AlvRo's Collection), and I also tried a full iso which I extracted myself. Happens the same thing with both versions
  3. Hey Guys! I have a XBox 1.6 and I am using XBMC4Gamers I wanted to play Tomb Raider - Legends yesterday but the game doesn't start. After I select it I just get a black screen Do I need a HDD fix for this game? I googled, but I couldn't find any maybe someone has an idea what I could try
  4. thanks a lot for that Now I just need to figure out how to format the HDD properly. Afaik FATX is Linux only? And what are the noDVD bioses?
  5. thx but it didn't work. Still can't get it to run
  6. Great Topic! I'm interested in this as well The Warriors Timesplitters: Future Perfect Two multi platform games where I think the X-box version is the best
  7. this is down does someone still have a link for HDD patches?
  8. sorry for bumping my old topic here. but since my xbox broke down I got a new one. Installed a fresh xbmc4gamers dashboard and my friend game over and we tried to play splinter cell - chaos theory. Still the same issue! we tested everything.. different cables, router, direct connection, xbox 360 linked to a og xbox etc etc etc.. this game just refuses to work on a lan connection
  9. also a small suggestion: if you change the names of the default.xbe files to defaultws.xbe, then people could still use these widescreen patches without losing the original 4:3 files (if you start the game with the white button on xbmc4gamers there's an option to start defaultws.xbe
  10. Hey! Seems like the Extra Disc with the HD Patches and Widescreen Patches is buggy. The Menu says there are only 3 widescreen Patches. When I select them, I see patches for many games, but when I select one game it just says "error". Nothing else.. is there a fix for that?
  11. awesome! that was exactly what I was looking for I didn't know this feature already existed
  12. Hey Guys! I have a question. Some of my Games are widescreen patched. I used a hex editor to modify the default.xbe file Would it be possible to implement a check like: if defaultwide.xbe is present, then let the user decide if he wants to start the default.xbe or defaultwide.xbe Because sometimes I have my xbox connected to my CRT and sometimes to my Oled and this would make life WAY easier
  13. all my cables are fine.. all lan/system link games work perfectly.. tested with ps2, xbox, xbox 360 and PCs I've tested with 3 different xbox consoles yesterday with different cables etc. Splinter Cell Chaos Theory gives me a lot of trouble. sometimes I can't find games, sometimes I can find the game, but it instantly disconnects
  14. Hey Guys! I have 2 Xbox consoles and I try to play Chaos Theory in System Link Mode. Both Xboxes are connected to my router. I can find the other console, I can join a game. I can start the game but as soon as I move one player the game instantly disconnects Does anyone know why?
  15. Well I know about the UDATA folder, I just don't know there they go on the 360

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