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  2. This is quite the fantastic and detailed video! Thank you for being as thorough as you were. I know many people will get help from this and contribute to the members of the OG community.
  3. @sweetdarkdestiny can you double check your evox.ini file as I think I found mistakes were the YESDVD was flashed instead of the NODVD evoxm8 plus bios which is causing issues after flashing with your installer disc. Then make a new version with the errors fixed please.
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  5. 3 of the rarest mods that are 15 years old and harder to find everyday are in no way influenced by newer mods. They are for collecting or bragging rights. However they are still useful as well imo, that's not really the point. The only thing more rare/ hard to get your hands are similar set up in blue or green. I personally have never even seen a clear lcd screen and can only guess at its value.
  6. Personally I think 1000 is a stretch. I sold a full crystal X3 setup a few years back pre covid for £500 and that was reduced from the original asking price. The trouble is things like the X3 and extender USED to be very sought after as they were rare and useful. Nowadays they are only really worth anything to a collector as there are modern solutions available for less that can do the same thing or better. The extender was a great (and only) easy way to expand hdd space, today we have bioses that can support upto 16tb in one HDD. The X3 is still the king of old school og modchips but most of its features are now redundant or can be achieved using other methods. Plus there seems to be a new wave of chips on the way with Project Stellar leading the charge. Both of those have unfortunately impacted on the value of classics modded systems like yours. I still have another crystal X3 setup that I only consider selling if i was offered silly money, I like it as it looks good on the shelf and reminds me of when the OG was current and all the fun I had modding those systems back then. There are still folks out there that will buy your system if you are selling but you might not get as much as you fisrt thought, Good luck though and I hope you do get a decent price for it in the end.
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  8. That's worth 1,000 + easy, sadly the economy is terrible and people don't seem to be spending thier money as easily now as they were even a few months ago.
  9. I thought I saw someone who had an 8bitdo snes30pro working with a wingman xb via black brick 2, I cannot get it to work, the only success I had was a wire from wingman xb to snes30. Anyone have any tips on getting it to work? Thanks.
  10. I'm trying to 128mb/720p patch GTA San Andreas but no luck, always reboots to the dashboard. Have tried OgXHD and XBEPatcher and every permutation within said patchers (Auto/Windowed/Aggressive etc). Vice City runs in 720p (radar broken) but SA... even with 128mb it just won't run 720p. Any idea if there's a functioning 720p .xbe patch for San Andreas out there?
  11. A little update from my side : 1.0 motherboard for now the repair is put on hold... for the 1.4 motherboard, after a clean with ultrasonic cleaner, the console start again to boot and works as usual... For test I left the console on for 3 hours no issue so far...After that I removed again from the shell and prepared for 128MB ram mod, tinted the pads clean with isopropyl alcohol and tested again.... unfortunately same issue of before... frags red / green light... checked again all the pads for shorts ecc without luck... everything been done correctly. The caps seems to be ok but a recaps of the motherboard can help or is just a waste of money?
  12. , that's it, the front panel allows you to choose one of the three drives to power-up, thus boot, while the remainder remain powered-off. Pictured it next to a standard size package for comparisons, as to how much larger it becomes, and with the screen, it's a beast of a thing.
  13. Holy shit. I remember the xtender. Selected hard drives by using the buttons to momentarily pass juice through one of the ide wires responsible for power or something, leaving the other drives stationary and keeping them from spooling up or initializing. Haven't seen one in a long time...
  14. I do the same thing. I had an oc'd version and regular version of the x3 bios for compatibility reasons. Now I have cerbios and x3, both overclocked. Whatever. Lol.
  15. I just got Monster component cables for the Xbox... Hope it wasn't a waste of money. Pretty expensive.
  16. For different tsop versions/sizes. 1mb flashes need 4 copies of the 256k bios to boot properly and 512k flashes need 2 copies. 256k version is for smallest tsops and chips. I'm sure you could use the 512 and 1024 versions in chips, but it would serve no purpose. Ah, once again, late to the party. That's what I get for taking a few days off.
  17. Have you tried modifying the bios file in evtool? Fan settings should be in there. Flash and you should be good. Just make sure it matches your xbmc speed so you don't have fluctuations like that. Guess I was a little late. Kaos got you.
  18. According to the release notes, the 2.1.0 release is supported.
  19. Alright, I'm back in business. Not entirely sure how, but @KaosEngineergave me a lot of suggestions, thanks! I would up re-doing the softmod many times, tried all kinds of dumps, but what might have did it was going into Save Manager and tossing the game save (rather than via file explorer in UDATA).
  20. For now I’m using a XBlast Modchip that keeps the fan at 80% no matter what i start. But I give Cerbios a try since I don’t want to keep the XBlast inside the console.
  21. Alright. This is what I expected. Thanks for the clarification Does Cerbios work with insignia?
  22. Which to use depends on the software you use and the bank size of the modchip or size of the TSOP you are flashing. Some flashing software automagically writes multiple copies of a 256KB BIOS dot bin file one after the other to fill the bank size: 1 copy to a 256KB bank, 2 copies to a 512KB bank or 4 copies to a 1MB bank (Evoxdash or XBlastOS) and others don't (e.g., Gentoox Loader) they only write 1 copy of the dot bin file and if it's not the correct size - bank size - the console will not boot but FRAG. depends on the bank size of the modchip or size of the TSOP you are flashing it to. The 512KB version is simply 2 copies of the 256KB base size CerBIOS and the 1MB dot bin 4 copies of the 256KB BIOS. Most modified Xbox BIOSes are only 256KBs in size. Team Xecuter's X2 5035 and X3 BIOSes, 3294 the latest release, are the exceptions with a base size of 512KBs and 1MB respectively. It takes the entire base size BIOS for the firmware to boot. No. For example, an Aladdin XT plus 2 modchip only has 1 256KB bank so you cannot use a BIOS that's larger than 256KBs for its base size. And, the X3 BIOS only works with an X3 modchip. A waste of space for a modchip that has 1MB of flash that can be split into 4 separate 256KB banks. For example, an X3 modchip can split its 2MBs of flash into 8 separate 256KB banks, 4 512KB banks, 2 1MB banks or 1 2MB bank. Or combinations of sizes as long as a 256KB section is not already being used for a different BIOS: banks 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 each 256KBs in size banks 12 34 56 78 each 512KB in size banks 1234 5678 each 1MB in size bank 12345678 being 2MBs in size
  23. Never bothered myself but the chips are normally standard stuff cheap chips in PC PSU’s No reason to think the Xbox will be any different. The only different thing is PC PSU’s PON from a +ve supply being pulled to ground, but IIRC Xbox pulls -ve up to PON. Someone probably will chime-in with a more in depth reply a d hopefully give you a chip part no etc.
  24. what is the reason for different sizes? is it just dependent on what a modchip expects or any reason to install 1024kb over 256kb if the mod chip can take either?
  25. Issue solved: Found the oldest, crappiest, most vanilla Microsoft keyboard and plugged it in, recognised it first time. PSO with a keyboard is epic and typing in IP settings a breeze. Thank you!
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