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  1. Yeah, that is basically what I determined from the manual as well. I've tried putting png files in the folders as well as using icon= in the xml config file but nothing seems to work.
  2. I have been using avalaunch for years and still like the interface. I am also using unleashX now to test and see how I like it. One thing I never really cared about until today is that when you setup a menu item, such as "Applications", there is no icon associated with it. I am using the project mayhem skin but have not found any way to set an icon on the menu entries in your main list. Any applications you direct link show the icon from the default.xbe or you can override by placing a 128x128 png icon in the folder and call it avalaunch_icon.png. Wondering if any of you have figured out a way to add icons to the menu items.
  3. Looks like this was the answer. I have one box that works without an 80 wire, but it will be getting one, and the three I had that weren't working, are now working with 80 wire..
  4. Unplugged DVD drive using original hdd, works fine. Install new hdd that I loaded dash etc on, error 13. No dice. Got new Xbox in, it's a 1.0 and has been repaired by MS, new DVD drive it appears(Phillips). Stock HDD with 4034 dash even! Tsop flashed with 4983.06, made a backup of eeprom and bios. Made complete hdd backup. Copied evox and avalaunch to it, Works perfectly. Took 250gb drive, put in my pc, formatted, stuck in XBOX, booted installer, formatted. Same BS, laggy disk and failure to boot from it. Loaded 5035 bios and same crap as well. At this point I feel like it my install disks or the clock battery cap removal. The original Xbox that did this was prior to cap removal though. I am going to burn a new disc tomorrow and see how that goes. Could be bunk disk.bin or something I suppose.
  5. Yeah, that would make sense. I opened a bios with the reset on eject hard coded and it immediately disables that checkbox as well. I will see what happens with the drive unplugged this evening when I get home.
  6. xbtool isn't giving me the option to enable./disable the DVD check on 4981 M7 is the only one I could get to allow me to edit it. will probably try that one tonight.
  7. I do have another xbox on the way that I bought weeks ago and it never shipped. Hopefully it has a better DVD drive and I can swap over to it. If not, I am going to try flashing a bios with the dvd check disabled to see if that indeed does help. I was going to do this early on but after I couldn't get a backup of the hdd, I didn't want to mess with the bios and run the risk of screwing up the disk partitions. Any suggestions on an alternative bios to try? M8 or is there something else worth using like ind etc?
  8. That one is working perfectly fine. It's the second one that I haven't touched the bios on that is acting up. X2 4983.06, format new drive from evox and it lags. Copy files to it but it fails to boot with error 16 as if the disk is empty. Boots from DVD fine.
  9. I'm an old school modder from the original days. Getting back into it after a buddy asked me to fix and revamp his two consoles. I was an xecuter fanboy and used their chips exclusively along with TSOP flashing X2 bioses. It's pretty awesome to see a forum that is still active.
  10. Buddy sent me two OG consoles I had modded for him way back in the day. Both are TSOP flashed. Both had leaky battery clock caps, so they were removed and the boards were cleaned up. Both are running Avalaunch. XBOX #1 is a 1.1 with 1MB TSOP so I went ahead and flashed X2 5035 to it(had 4983,06 prior). No issues with this box, made copy of 160GB hdd, swapped IDE HDD for SATA SSD with adapter, formatted disks, copied files back over, updated apps etc. It boots without any issues and behaves normally. XBOX #2 is a 1.4. It has 4983.06 flashed and has a 250GB IDE drive installed. When I got the box it was fragging so I booted EVOX CD and it appeared that the dashboard xbe was gone. Copied it over again via FTP and it booted fine. Everything seemed to be working(games/apps). Tried to make a backup via Avalaunch FTP and after a few files ava would freeze up. Loaded evox and was able to copy files without any issues. Installed 250GB SSD in this xbox, boot my installer disk and format the partitions. Seems to go ok but the partitions still read 0bytes. Boot again off evox installer disk, it shows all partitions as 0bytes but after about 10-20 seconds they start to populate with size. I am able to FTP files to them once they show up. Reboot, still fragging. Ok, so after all of that BS, I bought another box off eBay. It comes softmodded with 160GB drive. Manage to get it TSOP flashed as well and remove the battery capacitor. Try to install several other hard drives, format, and install, see the same exact issue with the pausing and fragging on boot. Install original drive on either of these two and they work fine. I assume this is hardware, more than likely from the leaking capacitors. I plan on pulling the boards and touching up the solder on all of the components that had electrolyte on them as well as doing another inspection, but not sure if anyone has seen this and found a fix.

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