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Just Brought a Crystal XBox but I Am Confused. Evo X

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Hello i just brought a Crystal Xbox and i need some help.

I have been speaking to the guy who sold it to me, He knows nothing about modding but has been super helpful, He brought the xbox of his friend before him, But his friends got the xbox of someone else before that.


What i need help with is distinguishing weather the Xbox that i have brought has a mod chip or not?

He tells me when he turns on the Xbox an Evo x logo come up in the top left corner. He also says it is region free, and plays DVDs without the dvd add on.

I asked for more detail and this is what he told me and this is all he knows.


The seller.

Ok I’ve checked and you need to hold the power button down to get the evo x logo to show. Holding down the eject button or just simply pressing the power button boots it to the xboxdashboard. So I’m guessing that it has the chip but the bios needs flashing by connecting to a pc. I don’t have a clue how to do that.


I know nothing about Xbox modding at all.

If i have brought a modded Xbox then i may need some advice, on stuff like

How to flash a bios on it, What bios to use?

I would want to replace the CD rom drive as he says it is sticky and upgrade the HDD so i can install games to the HDD

My problems is that i know 0 about modding original Xboxes. But i have some technical background and i have modded previous consoles.


Thank you! Sorry for my lack on knowledge on the subject.

I also brought a USB Adaptor Cable Cord for Xbox (Original) So i can use a usb on the xbox if needed.

He says the The manufacture date of console is 18/6/2004 as well.


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ok, cool score noble

im very conflicted because i like to start immediately correcting bios issues and dashboard issues.

but honestly, the drives that are in these are getting old fast. so cloning immediately isn't the worst advice, but you should find out if its softmodded, because if the clone fails you may have to read the eeprom to continue.... which requires hardware intervention


I dont know much, but ill say that sounds like a modchip. personally id be cracking the case open and having a look immediately.


look near the left hand side of the board (this is where the lpc port is)  image.png.106d837c98c15c444a05248cc56e5ed1.png

this photo shows an aladdin XT installed on what appears to be a v1.6 xbox. (the red board with the red led is the modchip, it is plugged into the lpc port using pin header)


if you want detailed facts of hardware snap a picture of the main board and someone may chime in.


to access the hdd, you need to do so via ftp IMHO

this is a commonly recommended pc application to manage the xbox storage over the network


I use flash fxp, just because thats where life has taken me....


if you need help with networking etc, just ask.


below is a link to chimp

chimp is a suite of tools relating to your xbox, this version is very streamlined and works very well.

Please login or register to see this link.

this is the best release of chimp and although i have been documented using other versions, i can 100% confirm this is what you need to be using to make the hdd clone.


tutorial below



others can guide you on building a drive from scratch etc.... i always just find it easiest to clone and start updating everything.




The dvd drive likely needs a new drive belt for the disc tray to eject properly... searching the forums gives ideas to recondition the old one.

I find myself using the drive at an absolute minimum, especially with a hard mod. (my console is slimmed without a dvd drive and i can always add one on the cable for any flashing needs... which brings me to my next point)

I haven't tried hexen 18 which forlorn penguin updated from 17, although i'd recommend taking HEXEN 2018, instead of 2017 for obvious reasons of being most current. (i simply havent had the opportunity to burn a new copy being the year 2018 A.D none of my hardware needs/uses dvd drives, so burning is an unusual procedure)

You need to flash the bios accordingly,

your decision is based on the tsop size/modchip/board revision you are using, so before you flash you need to dash to the stash of knowledge and get your facts straight about your xbox.

v1.0/1.1 have a bigger tsop size accommodating larger bios files etc etc, so get clear on hardware.


I',m getting ahead of myself, i dont KNOW you have a hardmod, so i'll end here,



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Thank you for the info, at the moment none of this means nothing as i am very novice, I receive the xbox in three days, So i will let yo know then! Thanks for the advice :)

Edited by Noble372

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2 minutes ago, Noble372 said:

Thank you for the info most of this means nothing to me as i am very novice, I receive the xbox on three days, So i will let yo know then! Thanks for the advice :)

whatever you say noble!!!  get the box!!!!!

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Will do man, I spoke to someone else who said this 

Sounds like everything is working as expected (modded with either Aladdin, AppleX V or similar "pleb" modchip and running EvoX BIOS).

Also i read back what you posted and it makes more sense to me now, So again thank you, and i shall let you know how i get on. 

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 I received it today and there is a mod chip! This is the one, it also plays dvd-raw, but there is no custom dash, So how do I go about flashing it and what to flash it with, now we know the mod chip name. I also replaced the dvd drive belt, and now it works great!


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Looks like an Aladdin XT clone. The modder soldered it on (sometimes easier than rebuilding the LPC) and bridged BT to the board so the chip *SHOULD* be always-on. These usually come pre-loaded with evox-m8+_1.6 bios, and it looks like that is a 1.6 board. So you could just stick with the Evox BIOS if you wanted to.

The SST chip in the socket there is where the modchip BIOS is stored and is 256Kb, so we don't want to flash any BIOS that is larger than 256k, which leaves you with the following options:


I would just stick with the BIOS it has on it already, if you are not sure how to proceed. It should be able to load a burned disc (DVD-R). So grab a copy of Hexen or AID and use that to prepare the hard drive and install a dashboard.

Another way to test, is to insert an empty; unformatted hard drive, and if instead of throwing an error code a message pops up saying NEW HARD DRIVE DETECTED, PRESS Y TO FORMAT, then you know that the chip is working and has a custom BIOS on it.

Good luck!

Edited by dbrown1986

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I cant flash my mod chip. It looks just like that one but it seems to be write protected. Anyone knows how to disable it? I need to flash it to enable LBA 48...

Edited by danielbirchal

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