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XBox Bios Checker

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I'm  a noob and I need a little help please. I have softmodded my Xbox with Unleash X and now I want to hard mod it. I have burned Hexen 2018 disc image file to a disc and now I am trying to figure out how to get Xbox Bios Checker either v4 or V5 onto a disc. I burn the files to the DVD R disc but the Xbox won't recognize it.  What Files do I need to burn onto the disc? Should there be a disc image file? What am I doing wrong? Do I have to hardmod it first for this to work? I'm sorry but I have looked at so many videos and searched so many forums that now I'm lost in the forest. Please break out the crayons on this one to show me how to do this. Thank you.

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You don't need to check which BIOS it is if it's only been softmodded because you already know it's on a stock BIOS. Also using the Xbox DVD drive is a bad idea because they are old and have a high rate of failure, so you want to avoid wearing out the laser unless it is necessary to do so. So if you really need BIOS Checker for some reason, just FTP it to the HDD and run it from there instead.

But to answer the question, yes. You would have to burn an iso image to the disc. The Xbox isn't gonna see anything otherwise. Not just any iso image either, but an Xbox iso.

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Thanks for the help. I crossed my fingers and inserted the hexen 2018 disc. Everything loaded like it was supposed to. I didn't know that I don't need to know the BIOS on a softmod. Man! All that searching and no one said just stick the hexen 2018 disc in and let it go :). They were always using a Xbox BIOS Checker on their videos. Everything was saying "Remember your BIOS version".  Big thank you for the help! Hope this helps others as well who are stuck in the same spot.

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You can upload the BIOS Checker app to the HDD.  No need to put it on a disk.

Make a subfolder "BIOS Checker" where other applications are stored on your HDD.  (e.g., F:\Apps, G:\Apps) and upload the files for it to this new folder. Reboot or refresh the menu list.

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