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Which Bios

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Hi all


I have a couple of X3 chips and have picked up a couple of xboxes now. Before I get started, I was wondering what considerations I need to make.for example. Console version? X3 chip BIOS? Ive also seen different sizes of BIOS files. Not sure if this matters?


So basically, What is the investigation process that I should follow. I want to get everything ready before starting a tutorial.




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The X3 modchip has its own BIOS to support all the features of it.  It can also boot other modified BIOSes if you prefer.

X3 Build 3294 is the latest for the modchip from Team Xecuter.  It is 1MB in size and fills 4 of the modchip's 8 256KB banks which leaves 4 256 banks that can be used as either a 1MB bank, 2-512KB banks, 1-512KB bank and 2-256KB banks, or 4 separate 256KB banks.  

You need to make sure the version of the BIOS you flash is compatible with the Xbox version - 1.0-1.5 multi-version or specific build for v1.6s.

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I have an X3 and have the bios setup as follows.

X3 2394 1mb

X2 latest 512k

EvoX M8 256k

iND Bios 256k


To be honest, I only flashed the non X3 bioses to the chip just because I can, I’ve never actually used them. The X3 bios is built for that chip and does everything you will probably ever need anyway.


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The only operation I've not been able to use with the X3 BIOS is to run games from the ISO (XISO) file instead of the extracted file set.  For that, I boot the M8plus BIOS stored in one of the additional banks.

The Please login or register to see this link. patch to do so works with only a limited number of BIOS's and the X3 BIOS is not one of them.

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