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  1. I've seen many people with XBMC4Gamers that have the artwork for all the Apps, Emu's and homebrew. How do they manage to install them?
  2. Hi all, I have the XBMC4Gamers installed and all the artwork is fine except for a few things that the auto installer can't seem to place. I need to manually install the artwork for the applications, as I think they are in a location where the auto installer doesn't look. Can anyone upload their "_Resource" for apps, homebrew and emulators, so that I can copy them across? I dont have photoshop installed and cannot locate the artwork in the github download that I have picked up. Thanks
  3. Hi all I've downloaded FBC 1.2 from the XBINS site and I'm looking for a compatable list roms, as the ones I have dont appear to work on the xbox. Thanks
  4. Hi all, What ranges do you consider to be acceptable for the CPU and GPU of the xbox? Min/Max. My CPU seens to be running at about 75c. This is normally ok for PC CPU's, but not sure what the xbox hatdware is rated for.
  5. Is there no ini file or the like, where I cna edit and declare the paths?
  6. Hi all I had thios dash set up a few days back so that when I scrolled to the next, the background changed to match the DVD case (game). I've downloaded the artwork and the DVD boxces look ok, the background is plain blue. Any ideas what settings I need to change?
  7. Reducing the size worked. It is now all correclty addressed. Thanks
  8. Hi all, I have an X3 with a 1TB inside. I formatted and prepped it with the SLayers Hybrid installer. I am getting errors while trying to delete from it, write to it. Certainly the F and G partitions. Ive tried to format it with Xbox Partitioner 1.3 and that shows drive G as "ER" instead of 64 (Clusters). The split is roughly 130G and 880G. It seems just be cartain sections of the disc that are effected, as I have just copied over 30GB no problem. ANy ideas on how to proceed?
  9. I unlocked thew drive and its working fine in both boxes. Thanks. Ovcer the weekend I'll be reading up on installing the rocky5's XBMC4Gamers. I saw a layout somewhere that looked a little like an xbox 360. Would that be a script? Anyway, if you could point me in the right direction I would appreciate it. If not, I'll have a good read over the weekend to see if I can work out what it was I saw. Thanks
  10. Thanks for the info guys, it's appreciated. I'm off to work now but when I get home I'll unlock it. I've ordered a Startech adaptor for my main box, as I saw a vid that indicated they're faster. Will let you know how I get on.
  11. Enemy Ai

    Bios Differences

    Hi all I have an X3 with the latest BIOS on but it fails to load HDD with XBMC4Gamers. If I take out the HDD and place it in my Xecuter 2.6. It works perfectly fine but in the X3 I get the 06 Error. I have a cheap SATA to PATA/IDE connector on my 1TB HDD, and I realise that many don't like them. I would point out that it is working just fine in the other xbox, however. Any ideas why the X3 is struggling where the X2 isn't?
  12. Enemy Ai

    Which Bios

    Hi all I have a couple of X3 chips and have picked up a couple of xboxes now. Before I get started, I was wondering what considerations I need to make.for example. Console version? X3 chip BIOS? Ive also seen different sizes of BIOS files. Not sure if this matters? So basically, What is the investigation process that I should follow. I want to get everything ready before starting a tutorial. Thanks
  13. Nice, I'll have to start compiling some apps, so thanks for that.
  14. Hello all Looking forward to getting the most out of my Xbox and modding a few as well. Will be covering some longplays on youtube for this awesome piece of hardware soon. I'm looking forward to learning as much as I can from others and passing on anything I know.. I like retro gaming and consoles in general but very happy to have found an active xbox community. Thank you for having me ;-) Andy

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