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    Hi all I have a couple of X3 chips and have picked up a couple of xboxes now. Before I get started, I was wondering what considerations I need to make.for example. Console version? X3 chip BIOS? Ive also seen different sizes of BIOS files. Not sure if this matters? So basically, What is the investigation process that I should follow. I want to get everything ready before starting a tutorial. Thanks
  2. Nice, I'll have to start compiling some apps, so thanks for that.
  3. Hello all Looking forward to getting the most out of my Xbox and modding a few as well. Will be covering some longplays on youtube for this awesome piece of hardware soon. I'm looking forward to learning as much as I can from others and passing on anything I know.. I like retro gaming and consoles in general but very happy to have found an active xbox community. Thank you for having me ;-) Andy

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