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Found 25 results

  1. I am looking for someone who is able to preform the following mods. X3IR mod and the internal Logitech controller dongle mod. Thank you.
  2. Xbox360 Component Mod

    Hi guys I made an hd pack. ^^
  3. Whats up OG"S? im new to the site and pretty new to the mod scene. tech really has become my passion from cellphones to xbox mods and anything I can get my hands on to fix.. totally self taught and looking to learn every dang thing I can so PLEASE FEEL FREE TO DROP ANY KNOWLEDGE, TIPS, OR JUST COOL $HIT!!!! much appreciated
  4. 128mb Mod

    Hi guys From Ali Express I bought the ram and upgraded it. Do your friends too ~
  5. I wasn't sure whether to post this here or in repair, but since it happened during a TSOP mod I though I'd try here first. Picked up a 1.4 version at a Salvation Army today, green model worked great but filthy inside. Cleaned it up, removed clock capacitor and did the two TSOP points. Reassembled and before I even load into Hexen my video signal has lines going across the screen. After messing around I find that the problem is only with component output (hd output) and standard def av works fine. Thing is, component worked fine before I disassembled so I'm convinced the problem must have been caused by something I did - but all I did was pull the clock cap and do the 2 tsop points... Tried another component cable.. same result. Tried another tv, got a glitched looking display or 'mode not supported'. I'm convinced it's now outputting some garbled attempt at an hd signal that neither of my tvs can process correctly. Have 2 other xboxes and both display hd perfect with the same cables and tvs. I guess I can just sell it with some standard cables but losing the hd kinda kills the awesomeness so I'd really like to fix this if possible. This is like the second weird obscure xbox mystery for me in like a week, sheesh:)
  6. Mod Chip Question

    hey everyone, forgive me for asking the question, but can somebody identify this mod chip? when the screen boots Xecuter 2 displays, it plays back ups and loads xexen disk, the forum is quite and most people are on facebook page so thought i'd start a new post, dont want to stuff anything up before i start tinkering with the xbox, help me!
  7. Slim Mod In Progress

    My current project is this slim xbox. -No DVD 128Mb Ram Upgrade -2Tb Hybrid SSD Drive -Low Profile Laptop CPU cooler -Xbox A/V output removed internal HDMI out added -Custom Bios -Integrated wireless controller support -Arduino Controlled LED lit Jewel and ports -Power supply upgrade (now runs on a 12v adapter)
  8. I've actually seen a few people talking about this all ready here and on facebook but just wanted to share it for those who haven't. A full tutorial on how to install a custom LCD screen in your original Xbox (NON-X3) that has a temperature monitor so you can constantly see what temp your console is running at to help prolong the lifespan and keep things cool! You can see it on my website by clicking the link below: Tutorial on how to install an LCD screen in your original Xbox console
  9. Hi I am new to the scene but would like to install a mod chip. I feel its with in my capability to do. So my question is i can only seem to find clone Chinese Aladdin chips are they worth buy or a false economy? I cant seem to find the real deals just what i can only imagine are clones as they sell for £4 to the Uk. THANKS
  10. Hello

    Hello everybody I am new here and new with Xbox at all i just get xbox crystall ( belive its 1.5 or 1.6 have no idea how to check it without opening) and i thought that i wana softmoded it (for a start) my colegue said i gona find help here so i try can annybody give me some clues how to check is my xbox 1.5 or 1.6 or 1.6b how to start ( i found that i need a special cable for usb stick and splinter cell game for special save) is that the only one way to soft mod? it so many diferent videos (i am not a lazy i star reading about it seen some video but hope maybe sb here give me a helpfull hand) Thanks.
  11. Og Xbox Soft Mod Issue

    hi i just bought a xbox that was soft modded with soft mod delux v3 and im trying to open up in original xbox dash board but theirs nothing their givers me a code 21 can any one help me i dont know where to start with this
  12. My Softmodded Og Xbox

  13. I've been asking around at different sites to try and see what FPS's were able to be ported to the xbox. I've had a lot of information but without any results. So far I know of these from the PC will work. 1.Alien Vs. Predator: Gold Edition 2 Descent II 3 Doom 4 Doom II 5 The Ultimate Doom 6 Final Doom: The Plutonia Experiment 7 Final Doom: TNT: Evilution 8 Duke Nukem 3D 9 Heretic 10 Hexen 11 Rise of the Triad 12 Shadow Warrior 13 Quake 14 Quake II 15 Quake III Arena (Featuring Homer Simpson vs Darth Vader) 16 Zombie Crisis I found these at this link here. http://digthatbox.com/2011.02.27_arch.html#1298943709066 I also found these games listed on eBay. The seller's Xbox had a lot listed here. Star Wars Doom _______________________________ Doom II: Hell On Earth Herian Herian 2 Biowar Dimensions of Time Wolfenstein Nocturnal Mission Wolfenstein Spear of Destiny Wolfenstein Second Encounter Quake: ________________________________ Quake/Hipnotic Quake/Rogue Quake III Arena Shadow Warrior: ________________________________ Wanton Destruction Twin Dragon In Time Lo Nukem Last War Park Rampage Warrior Tai Wang Tonight Never Ends Wang Bang Heaven When I Was Young ______________________________ Any help with links to these or if someone had made a game pack of these on the Xbox then please let me know. Thank you so very much for any links and or information of other games , expansions, or mods Thankyou.
  14. XEnium Skins Found ! Download !

    Picked up a $5 Xbox off of local buy and sell site in Ontario Canada. Got the Xbox working notice it had a modchip got the modchip working it was a xenium chip.. when I was in the mod chip options I noticed that there was a bunch of skins five in total. I contacted a few of my friends who told me that these are very hard to come across some may even say rare. So now I upload to everyone in the forms here. Please download and enjoy these beautiful hard to find skins. And please share and pass these around. Use 7-Zip to unzip Thank u Frank
  15. XEnium Skins Found ! Download !

    Picked up a $5 Xbox off of local buy and sell site in Ontario Canada. Got the Xbox working notice it had a modchip got the modchip working it was a xenium chip.. when I was in the mod chip options I noticed that there was a bunch of skins five in total. I contacted a few of my friends who told me that these are very hard to come across some may even say rare. So now I upload to everyone in the forms here. Please download and enjoy these beautiful hard to find skins. And please share and pass these around. Thank u Frank XeniumOS skins.7z
  16. I have been thinking about doing a mod to allow for the use of a Xbox 360 controller. I used to have a wireless S-controller rip off which worked great but I lost it during moving some time go. I also have the Logitech one, but I really despise it. It just feels wrong and in no way is as good as the s-controller. I do love the 360 controller and use that for my 360 and my Opensuse based media centre. So I would also like to use it on a Xbox. I was thinking of using a Raspberry Pi, a Xbox 360 usb receiver, custom usb connector/output to connect to the Xbox motherboard and connector for auto on/off with the xbox button on the 360. On the Pi I want to load a lightweight Linux with the Xboxdrv driver to take the input of the 360 controllers and translate it to the OG xbox controller output, using some of the code from this same driver which also supports the original xbox controller. A bit worried about lag and my ability to mod the driver code, but seems like an interesting challenge. Any one seeing other challenges or maybe has tried this and found it impossible
  17. Assorted Mod Chip Wiring Diagram

    Came across a beautiful selection of wiring diagrams for a bunch of commonly found mod chips. These images are in high-quality HD very easy to read can be downloaded and zoomed in to read perfectly. I am not the Creator of these pictures. The Creator is YouTube channel techno on top. This person normally does Xbox mods on YouTube. There's a video where he shows each of these pictures for 1 minute. I merely took a screenshot of each. Thought it would help out the community here. In any event I hope somebody could use these images. Please pass them around and enjoy Wiring Diagram More common Hardmod Chips.7z
  18. Mod Chip Id?

    I recently acquired an Xbox with this modchip. I would like to reuse it another Xbox but cannot seem to find any info on it. I am guessing its a Team Xecuter model.......Anyone have a link to a tutorial for install and flashing?
  19. XBox To 360 Mod (2008)

    Here's a custom mod I did back in 2008 of an Xbox converted over to a Xbox 360 case. I was running UnleashX using an 360 skin. It's funny looking at my old photos and seeing what things I did. Lots of improvising. Notice the rear of the case? haha
  20. X3 Lcd Front Panel

    Looking for a X3 LCD front panel. What's out there? Message me if you have one available. I do have some trades available and paypal. Located in New Hampshire, United States.
  21. New Portable Lcd Mod

    A couple of weeks ago I decided to do a removable LCD screen mod that plugs into the controller ports. I'm thinking of raffling this to help support the website. What are your thoughts?
  22. I made a modded version (details soon) of the Xecuter 3 bios to theoretically boot on all chips (it was tested on a 1.0/1.1 TSOP, SmartXX and Xenium chip). It is 1024k bios so you can't flash it on a 1.2-1.4 tsop. (Config Live won't work because most if not all except x3 chips don't have a dedicated EEPRom) Warning: This modded version hasn't been tested on every modchip so don't try to flash it, if you have no way to recover as it might could brick your chip. Download: https://goo.gl/bJy9g1 Thanks to xbox7887 for testing it on his Xenium Box and 1.0/1.1 TSOP. (Basically just a repost from my Reddit post)
  23. Goodday my dear strangers ! I'm Lincourt from Canada, and I want to learn more about OGXBOX modding. I already have a modded XBOX but I don't even know how to transfer an .Iso on it ! I'm here to learn ! Have a great day !!
  24. All Kernel Revisions

    Version 3.2500.1 CodeAsm REDACTED (Mail, pm or chat for more info) Tweeter twit CodeAsm_ 5-5-2015 [Incomplete version list Xbox, These are not the versions you are looking for.] [Some note removed or altered for internet storage savety. ] ???? XDK Alpha I SDK xxxxx ???? Alpha II Feb 2001, while mfc is 4/4/01 Mfc: 4/4/01 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ???? XDK May 2000 xxxxxxx 3113 3146.2 Leaked (REC?)ISO 1-11-2000 November XDK 3146.3 ALPHA December 2000 XDK 15-12-2000 December XDK (also 16-12) ISO is 11.2 MB (11,810,816 bytes)xxxxxx xxxxx note*) 3223.1 ISO is 13.3 MB (14,024,704 bytes)xxxxxx 3224 February 2001 XDK and SDK , REC own 3306 3308 3331.1 March 2001 XDK and SDK xxxxxxxRecovery (nice side way dash) (7-03-2001 April XDK) 3332.1 LeakLeak video 01, REC, old style dash 3424.1 April 2001 XDK and SDK (03.01.01 - New for April XDK release) 3507 3514 3521.1 <<< Microsoft Xbox XDK (1.0.3521.1) (2001-05) > May 2001 XDK and SDK symbols 3604 3618 3633.1 Alpha SDK SYM (June 01) 3722 3813 3821 3823.1 Oldest for DVT3 (fixing an DVT3 on xxxxxxxxx) Oldest acording to xxxxxx for DVT3 3845\ 3907 3911 August XDK 2001 (( Final Hardware Recovery) (build on WIN2000 5. 2134/2195 ? 5.1.2258.400) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxt 2001 final x08-46850 ----------------------------------------------------------------- Retail? ------------------------------------------------------------------- 3925.1 Retail? XDK xxxxxx 3944 < 4000 4023 4024 4028 4033 4034.1 (internet source KERNEL MCPX is X3 httxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxd=50 (dash may be higher...) 4039 < 4119 4120 4121 4125 4134.? < 4134.6 01/29/2002 December 2001 XDK with Intergrated Hotfixes Release Histoxxxxx 4134.7 03/19/2002 December 2001 XDK with Intergrated Hotfixes Release History '' 4224 < 4228 4229 4234 4235 4242 01/19/2002 February 2002 XDK 4242.2 03/15/2002 February 2002 XDK with Intergrated Hotfixes '' 4300 4344 4346 4348 4354 4361 02/28/2002 March 2002 XDK Accession SDK ownSDK (Accession) 4361.2 03/15/2002 March 2002 XDK with Intergrated Hotfixes 4400 (xxxxxx source ?) Barnabas XDK, SDK 4432 03/29/2002 April 2002 XDK 4504.1 2002 Live Beta (kernel and dash) internet source (MCPX-X2 code asswell) 4531 04/28/2002 May 2002 XDK 4604.1 2002 Live beta consolexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx: N 4627.1 06/05/2002 June 2002 XDK June WAM SDK 4721 06/26/2002 Juli 2002 XDK 4817 Kernel only? source interwebs, MCPX is X3 htxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx=50 4818 4831 07/31/2002 August 2002 XDK 4831.5 08/23/2002 August 2002 XDK with Intergrated Hotfixes 4831.6 08/29/2002 August 2002 XDK with Intergrated Hotfixes 4831.8 09/12/2002 August 2002 XDK with Intergrated Hotfixes 4831.9 10/18/2002 August 2002 XDK with Intergrated Hotfixes 4928 08/28/2002 September 2002 XDK parts 4928.2 09/12/2002 September 2002 XDK with Intergrated Hotfixes 4928.3 10/03/2002 September 2002 XDK with Intergrated Hotfixes parts 4928.4 10/18/2002 September 2002 XDK with Intergrated Hotfixes 4928.7 03/18/2003 September 2002 XDK with Intergrated Hotfixes recovery 5028 10/04/2002 October 2002 XDK 5028.3 10/18/2002 October 2002 XDK with Intergrated Hotfixes 5028.4 03/18/2003 October 2002 XDK with Intergrated Hotfixes iso? 5101 < Internet source 5120.1 10/31/2002 November 2002 XDK (parts andxxxxxxxx?) 5120.3 03/18/2003 November 2002 XDK with Intergrated Hotfixes 5120.4 04/09/2003 November 2002 XDK with Intergrated Hotfixes 5209 ARCDDASH, Segaboot (other libs are: 5028) 5233.1 12/12/2002 December 2002 XDK 5233.3 02/17/2003 December 2002 XDK with Intergrated Hotfixes 5233.4 03/18/2003 December 2002 XDK with Intergrated Hotfixes 5233.5 04/09/2003 December 2002 XDK with Intergrated Hotfixes 5344.1 02/04/2003 February 2003 XDK 5344.2 02/17/2003 February 2003 XDK with Intergrated Hotfixes 5344.3 03/18/2003 February 2003 XDK with Intergrated Hotfixes 5344.4 04/09/2003 February 2003 XDK with Intergrated Hotfixes 5455.1 04/18/2003 April 2003 XDK with Intergrated Hotfixes XDK 5455.2 04/18/2003 April 2003 XDK with Intergrated Hotfixes 5530 < Internet source 5558.1 05/30/2003 June 2003 XDK Recovery own 5558.2 06/20/2003 June 2003 XDK with Intergrated Hotfixes 5558.4 10/03/2003 June 2003 XDK with Intergrated Hotfixes 5659.1 07/30/2003 August 2003 XDK Recovery own, XDK also 5659.2 09/30/2003 August 2003 XDK with Intergrated Hotfixes 5659.3 (could be that this is the recovery? 5659.4 10/03/2003 August 2003 XDK with Intergrated Hotfixes 5659.5 11/20/2003 August 2003 XDK with Intergrated Hotfixes 5713 < Internet source 5788.1 11/11/2003 November 2003 XDK XDK Setup 5838 (kernel) < Internet source. 5849.0 recoveries [xxxx] 5849.1 and SDK REC 5849.6 (remote)recoveries [xxxxxxxxe] 5933.1 and SDK Remote recoverie [lxxxxxxxxve] (I own a version aswell) 5960.01 DAS (internet source txxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx I got the 3146.3 iso from assemblergames, I noticed: A regular CDFS (not xbox) iso. DOS files (modded DOS 7.1 (win 98)) in the root A very NT-like boot sector. If you've seen those videos of early xbox alpha devkits, note the flash of 'Starting..' - that's io.sys. -------------------------------------------Xbox 360 ------------------------------------------------------- 2.0.nnnnn.n XX where xx is the newest board supported AlphaTower Xenon nov 2005 Zephyr may 2007 Falcon aug 2007 Opus july 2008 Jasper nov 2008 Jasper/Kronos mid 2009 Trinity/Velje may 2010 Corona aug 2011 SDK's: XDKSetupXenon6274.exe XDKSetupXenon8276.exe XDKSetupXenon11164.1 XDKSetupXenon11427 XDKSetupXenon11511 XDKSetupXenon11626 Recoveries: XDKRecoveryXenon111641Setup.exe XDKRecoveryXenon11164Setup.exe XDKRecoveryXenon11511Setup.exe XDKRecoveryXenon11775Setup.exe XDKRecoveryXenon120871Internal.exe XDKRecoveryXenon20353.exe XDKRecoveryXenon20764.10.exe XDKRecoveryXenon21076.6.exe Non remote recoveries: 1888_Xenon_Recovery.iso 4929_Xenon_Recovery.iso 5426_Xenon_Recovery.iso 7776_Xenon_Recovery.iso 7978_Xenon_Recovery.iso 8276_Xenon_Recovery.iso 9328_Xenon_Recovery.iso 9328.0_Xenon_Recovery.iso 9328.5_Xenon_Recovery.iso 9328.9_Xenon_Recovery.iso //2 versions: 1st) 483.700.736 bytes, MD5: 7C3E4F6620F76E19095623735F8180F0 2nd) 301.434.880 bytes, MD5: BDDF51AB55DE08FD223564BB0D0C49A4. first is hacked up and bricks your shit. 6995.1_Xenon_Recovery.iso 11164.1_Xenon_Recovery.iso 11164.3_Xenon_Recovery.iso 11775.3_Xenon_Recovery.iso 20353_Xenon_Recovery.iso 20871.2_Xenon_Recovery.iso //and 20871.2_Xenon_Recovery_with_Symbols.zip XDK's: XDKSetupXenon6274.exe XDKSetupXenon6534.exe XDKSetupXenon7645.1 XDKSetupXenon8276.exe XDKSetupXenon11164.3.exe XDKSetupXenon20871.2.exe XDKSetupXenon21076.11.exe XDKSetupXenon21119.0.exe //? need to verify other fanciful files: xdk-xna-extensions.msi //add XNA extensions to XDK, leaked from dev site XDK Kernel Version Flash Version Comment (Most are XeDK, other just version numbers) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2.0.0198.0 2.0.????.0 First XDK Launcher Alpha 1 2.0.0417.0 ?????????? Giano code May (27) 2004 2.0.0418.0 ?????????? Giano code May (27) 2004 2.0.0422.0 ?????????? Giano code May (27) 2004 2.0.1232.0 2.0.????.0 Second XDK Launcher Alpha 2 2.0.1616.7 2.0.????.0 Seen on beta 007 kit. 2.0.1640.0 2.0.????.0 Seen on beta kit. 2.0.1746.1 2.0.????.0 Seen on a beta kit. First with keyvaults. 2.0.1800.0 2.0.????.0 ??? Nov 22, 2005 2.0.1810.5 2.0.????.0 XeDK 2.0.1838.0 2.0.1838.0 XeDK 2.0.1838.1 BETA 2.0.1838.1 Beta Launcher 2.0.1839.2 2.0.????.0 XeDK release Dashboard 2.0.1861.0 2.0.1861.0 XeDK (First w/ XEX2) 2.0.1888.0 2.0.1888.0 XeDK 2.0.2099.9 2.0.????.0 XeDK 2.0.2099.11 BETA 2.0.????.0 XeDK - Seen on a beta kit. 2.0.2135.0 2.0.????.0 XeDK 2.0.2255.0 2.0.????.0 ??? Jan 30, 2006 2.0.2417.0 2.0.2241.0 XeDK 2.0.2638.0 2.0.2258.0 XeDK 2.0.2638.0 2.0.2419.0 XeDK 2.0.2920.0 2.0.2832.0 XeDK - Remote includes 1888, 2241, 2255, 2258 and 2832 2.0.3215.0 2.0.2853.0 XeDK 2.0.3424.0 2.0.2858.0 XeDK 2.0.4314.0 2.0.4308.0 XeDK 2.0.4548.0 2.0.????.0 ??? 2.0.4802.0 2.0.????.0 XeDK 2.0.4929.0 2.0.4548.0 XeDK 2.0.5426.0 2.0.4548.0 XeDK - Last recovery KK exploit works 2.0.5632.0 2.0.4548.0 XeDK - Remote includes 4548 and 5632 2.0.5787.0 2.0.????.0 XeDK - ISO image in game format 2.0.6132.0 2.0.5759.0 XeDK 2.0.6274.0 2.0.5759.0 XeDK 2.0.6534.0 2.0.5759.0 XeDK - Remote includes 5787 (no 5759 ?) 2.0.6534.4 2.0.6683.0 XeDK 2.0.6707.0 2.0.????.0 XeDK 2.0.6995.0 2.0.6690.0 XeDK 2.0.6995.1 2.0.6690.0 XeDK 2.0.7645.0 2.0.6690.0 XeDK - Remote includes 6690 2.0.7645.1 2.0.6690.0 XeDK 2.0.7776.0 2.0.6719.0 XeDK 2.0.7776.1 2.0.6719.0 XeDK 2.0.7978.0 2.0.7342.0 XeDK - First on NXE 2.0.7978.3 2.0.7359.0 XeDK 2.0.8276.0 2.0.7366.0 XeDK 2.0.8953.0 2.0.????.0 XeDK 2.0.8955.0 2.0.????.0 ??? 2.0.8955.1 2.0.????.0 ??? 2.0.9177.0 2.0.9177.0 XeDK - Seen on beta XDK S, has a dumb flash number 2.0.9328.0 2.0.8464.0 XeDK - Remote includes 8464 and 7366 2.0.9328.5 2.0.8498.0 XeDK 2.0.9328.8 2.0.????.0 XeDK 2.0.9328.9 2.0.8955.0 XeDK - DO NOT RUN THE LEAKED ISO RECOVERY it was edited by TheFallen93 (afaik) and others to brick kits. You can find the real 9328.9 iso around though with filesize 301,434,880 bytes 2.0.11164.0 2.0.9189.0 XeDK 2.0.11164.1 2.0.9189.0 XeDK 2.0.11511.0 2.0.11025.0 XeDK 2.0.11626.0 2.0.?????.0 XeDK 2.0.11626.1 2.0.?????.0 XeDK 2.0.11763.0 2.0.12334.0 Rare Prototype Kinect Dashboard 2.0.11775.0 2.0.?????.0 XeDK 2.0.11775.3 2.0.12387.0 XeDK - ISO leaked from chinese forums, remote includes 12387 and 9199 2.0.11776.3 2.0.?????.0 XeDK 2.0.12087.1 2.0.?????.0 XeDK 2.0.12293.0 2.0.?????.0 XeDK 2.0.12387.0 2.0.?????.0 XeDK 2.0.15574.0 2.0.?????.0 ??? (ebay source) 2.0.16756.0 2.0.?????.0 ??? 2.0.17150.0 2.0.?????.0 ??? Dec 11, 2014 (wiki) 2.0.20353.0 2.0.12611.0 XeDK - Remote leaked from MS server 2.0.20353.2 2.0.12625.0 XeDK 2.0.20500.1 2.0.13139.0 XeDK 2.0.20764.10 2.0.13146.0 XeDK 2.0.21076.6 2.0.14699.0 XeDK 2.0.21119.0 2.0.14719.0 XeDK 2.0.21119.10 2.0.?????.0 XeDK 2.0.21173.8 2.0.15574.0 XeDK 2.0.21173.8 2.0.16154.0 XeDK 2.0.21250.2 2.0.16197.0 XeDK 2.0.21250.7 2.0.16202.0 XeDK RANDOM NOTES: 9328.9_Xenon_Recovery.iso //2 versions: 1st) 483.700.736 bytes, MD5: 7C3E4F6620F76E19095623735F8180F0 2nd) 301.434.880 bytes, MD5: BDDF51AB55DE08FD223564BB0D0C49A4. first is hacked up and bricks your shit. other fanciful files: xdk-xna-extensions.msi //adds XNA extensions to XDK, leaked from XDS how to remove digital signatures and help protect the guilty EXES (XDKSetupXenonxxxx.exe, XDKRecoveryXenonxxxx.exe) open EXE in hex editor and search for (in hex) A21E801C if more than one thing appears search for 5A30583033060A2B06010401823702010F3025030100A020A21E801C once you find that, either delete or null everything that comes after the 1C funny, this can also be used in reverse to identify the leakers, or tell if you have originals nvm this part: Xenon_Recovery, Xenon_Recovery.iso, _Xenon_Recovery, _Xenon_Recovery.iso, xxxx_Xenon_Recovery_with_Symbols.zip, _Xenon_Recovery_with_Symbols.zip, Xenon_Recovery_with_Symbols.zip, XDKSetupXenon, XDKSetupXenon.exe, XDKRecoveryXenon, XDKRecoveryXenon.exe, 11164.1_Xenon_Recovery.iso , 11164.3_Xenon_Recovery.iso, XDKRecoveryXenon20353.exe, 20353_Xenon_Recovery.iso, 1888_Xenon_Recovery.iso, 5426_Xenon_Recovery.iso, 4929_Xenon_Recovery.iso https://xds.xbox.com/xbox360/data/1033/xdksoftware/download/XDKSetupXenon9328.9.exe https://xds.xbox.com/xbox360/data/1033/xdksoftware/download/XDKSetupXenon11164.1.exe https://xds.xbox.com/xbox360/data/1033/xdksoftware/download/snorkel.exe ----------------------------------- Xbox one ------------------------------------------------------------- Giano (21 December 2010, kernel only) Durango ----------------------- ----------------------- Wordlist ----------------------- ---------------------- XDK Xbox Devolepment kit (xbox part) SDK Software Devolepment kit (PC) REC Recovery SYM Symbols KER Kernel DAS Dashboard FIL File (a loose file has been identified with this version LIB Library (part of xbe or software kit in wich diferences version.) DOC A documentation notion of official source NOT A unofficial notion of this version, still reverencing an MS source INC Incorrect number, probebly homebrew
  25. TSOP Flash Guide

    This guide and pictures taken from: http://www.biline.ca/xbox_solder.htm TSOP Flashing Unlock points if you are unsure which Xbox version you have click Here TSOP unlock points for version 1.0/1.1 Xbox This is the top of the motherboard Connect the two solder pads at R7D3 as in photo above. This is the bottom side of motherboard Connect the two solder pads at R7R3 as in photo above. All Ver 1.0/1.1 Xbox's with a 'SHARP' TSOP chip must also connect the additional red wire as in the photo above. All other TSOP's DO NOT require this step. TSOP Unlock points for all Versions 1.2/1.3/1.4/1.5/ Xbox's This is the top side of the motherboard These Xbox's have both points located on the top of the motherboard, for the first point connect the two solder pads at R7D10 as in photo above. For the second point locate the junction between R7D2 and R7D1 and connect the two solder pads as in the photo above. After the solder points are completed you should re-assemble your xbox (but leave the top cover off) when the power button is pressed it should boot normally as it did before you started. Note if you get the message TSOP write protected while attempting to Flash the TSOP you might need to check and resolder the points to ensure a good connection was m while attempting to Flash the TSOP you might need to check and resolder the points to ensure a good connection was made. To split Split a 1MB TSOP (v1.0, v1.1) into 4 banks of 256k, the following picture explains how to accomplish this: Note: If you have a 1.6/1.6b Xbox, it has no TSOP and therefore you cannot flash it. You will have to install a modchip or softmod.

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