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  1. You are welcome. CPU Mod is really worth the effort.
  2. Thanks! Morrowind works perfect! Both, english and german version. 720p Patch is awesome as well. Didn't test any other mods for the game yet. I spent around 1h in the game... not very much but enough to tell it's awesome! You can check this, there is some footage of Morrowind in 720p. Depends on the emulator. PCSX-ReloadedX is greate for Fighting Games. You can basically watch the whole end of the video... of course it's in german but you get some really good footage between PCSX-ReloadedX and PCSXbox v23 emulator. I would recommand PCSXbox v23... sometimes it's even better to turn of the FPS Limit.... but only sometimes.
  3. It's all good. I can totaly understand you and it might sound weird to junk the console even it works and plays well. But I can repair at least two other consols straight aways.
  4. Hey there, I finally finished my 1,4Ghz HDD (2TB). I want to share this list for those who have a 1,4Ghz or 1,5Ghz consol and are working on a HDD as well. It might be not 100% perfect but I'm really proud to have a HDD like this. Attached is a list of all the content inside. -686 Games patched, they all work perfect! -57 Games that run too fast no matter how I patched. -23 Games that didn't work no matter what. -You can ignore "Systemlink" it's just a line for the games me and my friends play online most of the time. -720p patch that worked really good in my opinion! I just kept 720p for those games that work smooth and stable. -Including Homebrews, Retro Emulators (Full Pack), Ps1 Emulator with over 100 Games and some german exclusive games. Yes I'm from germany and It was important for me to have some games (RPGS) in german language. My XBox 1,4Ghz HDD.pdf
  5. Haha, I don't think so. I can truly say that I repair more consols than junk it. Xlink Kai and/or Insignia is one of the most important features for a Classic Xbox. All the consols I sell have to work properly, this is how I handle it. Big library plus the ability to play online, thats really important for me. I also have multiple consols including a 1,4Ghz with skeleton black case ect ect.... but it's not about my consols, it's about a consol that I want to sell to somebody who should be able to play offline and online.
  6. yes, of course I do. the consol is pretty much worthless if you can't connect to xlink kai and play online. I junk one and repair three other, thats totaly fine for me.
  7. makes no sence if 8 other xbox work on same setup... but I tried and still doesn't work did swap it two times, won't help I gave up on that thing and use it for spare parts.
  8. I put a new Port on the Mobo, still not working. Yes, just the one setup.
  9. I did try different HDDs and Dashboards, didnt work. They all work in my other consols.
  10. yes it lights up. both colors light up (green/orange). as mention in my first post, I took of (desolder) and put a new Ethernet port to the board. Did not help. I can't get it to work. I'm going to desolder the RAMs, Caps and HDMI Mod and use another board that works. From now on I check if the board gets an IP before I upgrade it with mods. Thanks for all the help!
  11. Thanks, I know fatxplorer, but it's more time consuming for me to take the harddrive out of the xbox. FTP seems easier especially for very small data transfar. For brand new harddrive I use fatxplorer ect. It's not about me. I have multiple consoles in my collection that work fine. The one we are talking about is for sale and I don't want to sell a consol with problems like this. It should be as user friendly as possible. Xbox, 2TB HDD, 128MB RAM, new Caps, awesome Dashboard, and there we go... pop in LAN cable and play online useing XLink Kai... just as usual.
  12. no solution yet, my modem looks clean, no blocked MAC addresses or anything like this. I'm clueless
  13. okay, I check the modem again and give a feedback soon! Thank's for all the help so far!
  14. Not the one we are talking about... any other of my 6 xbox gets an IP.

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