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  1. damn, I was about to write this! You are true, and I'm so dump.... I don't know why but I was sure that I setup MS-Dashboard to "german" on my chipped XBox... but I didn't... After checking the System Info, I saw that "Language is set to english", changed it to german and it works... EU games are now in german! Thanks anyways for the help! Cheers
  2. okay, true, i'll check it out and come back afterwards.
  3. Hey, I have two modded OG XBox, one with Chip, one with TSOP, if i play "EU" Games on the XBox with TSOP they run in german language, If I play them on the XBox with Chip, they run in english (same games). Both XBox are set to "german" in MS-Dashboard, they are both set to NTSC Console with Enigmah-X. Any idea why this is and how I can do the same to my chipped XBox? They use different Bios, the chipped one showes "Xcecuter" at the start, the TSOP showes "openXY" not sure right now but something with "open", and the TSOP one has a blue XBOX Logo at the startup, it's no longer green. (Didn't do the TSOP by myself. Any help would be good!

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