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  1. Hey there, thanks Dave! Worked! Which is greate! There is just one problem, it's not really user friendly... I mean it's no big deal for me since I'm used to it... but I'm doing lots of LED Mods at the XBox Jewel and it's kind of annoying for rookies to change the cfg file eveytime they switch colors. Would be really nice if XBMC4Gamers could fix this problem and lock the color after changeingit in the system options. It's not only about LED Mods, the whole point of changeing the LED color in the Dashboard system is usless if a Bios like iND Bios needs a seperate change to keep
  2. It works.... but the powerbutton starts to blink.... it's not static.... any idea? LEDPATTERN=R
  3. Hey Dave! didn't had the time to check it myself yet, but this is excellent! Thank you very much!
  4. Hey Dave! -Settings - System - General: -Front LED color (If i change it to red, it switches back to green once I start a Game, Emulator, Homebrew I can't see any option to "lock" the color, do I miss something? But I think I found the problem! It's becasue of iND Bios.... flashed EvoX M8 and LED doesn't switch back. Damn... any idea how to fix this?
  5. Short update, did a test on all other Dashboards, still changing the color.... could it be becasue of iND Bios? I remember using Xcetcuter 2 Biso on a chip and the color didn't change. Any ideas? Anyways, is it possible to add a "lock" to XBMC4Gamers? To "lock" the powerbutton color? This would be awesome for modding.
  6. @Rocky5 Unfortunately, the LED color on the powerbutton switches automatically back to it's regular "green color" if you start a game. (LED1) Can you fix this or is there any option to "lock" the color in the system setup? Big issue for Consoles with LED Mod Just to make sure, I know how to change the color in the system setup, but you can change it for example to red and if you start a xbox game it switches to green, it stays red in any other emulator or homebrew or the main menu of XBMC4Gamers.... but not in XBox games. Thanks for your kind attention!
  7. thanks mate! i'll take a look at this! about my app artwork, i'll make a post in this forum as soon as i'm done with them. but can take a while.
  8. Thanks for the feedback. Would be greate if you could share the Emulator Artwork with me. I just have to figure out how to use "Batch" mode in Photoshop... once i can formate the jpg's to full artwork, I would share it in this forum. Maybe I give it another try on weekend. Still need to fix some of the text and cosmetic.
  9. I made a few but didn't realse them yet. Not sure if I'm goign to release them.... Right now, I can't figure out how to use "Batch" in Photoshop... it won't work for me... I have: Avalaunch, DVD2XBox, Enigmah, EvoX, PadTester, UnleashX, XBpartitioner. Some Artwork for Emulators would be awesome as well.
  10. Thank's Rocky! You are the man! WORKED!!! Installed "Splinter Cell Chaos Theory Co-op Mode" successfully! (on a PAL version!) I'm going to show my german audience this solution! Already made a "XBMC Installation Guide", two versions, one with TruHexen 2020 and one through FTP connection, they are in german language but they might help other people as well. I'm going to test other DLC's and if there is another error, I let you know. Keep up the good work!
  11. Unfortunately, I don't get it to work This is what I'm doing: I use Hexen to get a backup , in backup folder there is a file hddinfo.txt, i open this file and it looks like this what exactly do I need? I tried everything... please show me which part of digits do I need? afterwards i saved the file, rename it to hdd-key.txt and copy/paste it to Q:\system\ I tried to download a DLC, it showes the hdd key (basically the digits from the hdd-key.txt), but still get an error. About my Xbox: It's an 1.0 with TSOP iND 5003 F&G, I got XBMC4Gamers test
  12. Okay, just to make sure! 1. I take a backup from my eeprom to get the txt file for example from hexen (backup folder) 2. I create "hdd-key.txt" file and copy just my eeprom digits into this file 3. I copy the " hdd-key.txt" into Q:\system\ 4 done!?
  13. Searched everything, can't find an answer, please help. Can't download any DLC from XBMC4Gamers... it's starts to download and extract, after that it says "Getting EEPROM HDD Key" and after that I get an Error: Damn something went wrong, Server or Local network issue. Or Something else ;/ How to fix this?
  14. damn, I was about to write this! You are true, and I'm so dump.... I don't know why but I was sure that I setup MS-Dashboard to "german" on my chipped XBox... but I didn't... After checking the System Info, I saw that "Language is set to english", changed it to german and it works... EU games are now in german! Thanks anyways for the help! Cheers

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