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  1. Wireless XBox 360 Controllers On the Og XBoX

    Can you provide a USB descriptor dump of one of the controllers? If you google something like 'usb descriptor dump' there should be tools to do it easily. This is the first one that comes up for me and does the business: https://www.thesycon.de/eng/usb_descriptordumper.shtml I want to confirm there's nothing too different from a genuine wired controller.
  2. Wireless XBox 360 Controllers On the Og XBoX

    Currently not, but it shouldn't be hard to add. I don't own any wired controllers so if anyone is happy to test let me know To play with multiple wired controllers, you will need to connect a USB 2.0 Hub to the port you would normally just connect the Wireless receiver.
  3. Wireless XBox 360 Controllers On the Og XBoX

    I'd need to emulate the controller's internal USB hub and I know nothing about the headset but it probably uses isochronous USB transfers under the audio class. I'd like to give it a try someday. Also need to get the audio data from the x360 controllers at the same time. The poor arduino is working pretty hard already so may not be possible. 🤣
  4. Wireless XBox 360 Controllers On the Og XBoX

    I look forward to seeing what people come up with
  5. Wireless XBox 360 Controllers On the Og XBoX

    Very easy, but means you have to drill a hole somewhere so the button is accessible. The proposed is just an alternative method.
  6. Wireless XBox 360 Controllers On the Og XBoX

    I haven't really considered internal installation but as already pointed out it is certainly plausible and you can count on the OG Xbox community to find a way! I've been thinking about the sync button on the receiver which is a bit of a weakness for a complete internal install. I could add a feature that would trigger an output pin on the Arduino if a certain Xbox 360 combo is pressed and if that pin was wired to the wireless receiver button would initiate a sync as if you pressed the button. This means the sync button could be completely internal. There's bit of a chicken and egg problem here as you need at least one controller already synced in the first place to do this. But then I thought I could add some smarts during power on. For example: after power on, a sync will be initiated creating a short window each time you power on to sync controllers. Once the first controller is synced, additional controllers could be added by another power cycle or a button combo any time. If any one knows of a USB packet I could send to a Wireless Receiver to initiate a sync let me know as this could eliminate the extra wire but it may not exist as even the x360 has a sync button. If anyone has any cooler suggestions let me know.
  7. Wireless XBox 360 Controllers On the Og XBoX

    I made them myself from a standard xbox USB cable and a DIY MicroUSB connector shell. Like this https://www.adafruit.com/product/1390 Bit tedious but looks clean in the end.
  8. Wireless XBox 360 Controllers On the Og XBoX

    moses_373 - Thanks for the feedback! Really glad you're getting some good use out of it and putting it through its paces. mazdababy- No mailing list but Ill probaby just post here when I have some on hand. Only getting 25 units so if they happen to sell out I'll just get more. This is a video which attempts to show the input lag compared to an S controller under worst-case conditions (4 Wireless controllers synced, and using a slave module): Top right is a wireless Xbox 360 controller Bottom right is an S controller. Judge for yourself https://youtu.be/V7Pnba7Y12Y
  9. Wireless XBox 360 Controllers On the Og XBoX

    Short video showing some of the features and it in action
  10. Wireless XBox 360 Controllers On the Og XBoX

    evertonstz, I've made a quick little video to show it in action, so I'll post a link tomorrow (taking forever to upload) Trab0y, Ive put in a small batch order to get some made. I havn't worked out the price yet but I suspect it will be around $45 to $50usd with one arduino module installed and tested. I'm located in Australia so whatever postage may be on top of that. Other arduino modules to add support for player 2,3,4) can be purchased on Ali express and ebay etc. for under $5usd. These are clones but work just the same in my experience.and need to be soldered in. You'd need to supply Xbox wireless receivers, and USB cables. These probably won't be ready for 4-6 weeks so I will post in here when I have some on hand. Wary of Chinese new year approaching! The 'Hardware' tab on the github page has everything you need to make one yourself if you're feeling adventurous
  11. Wireless XBox 360 Controllers On the Og XBoX

    If there is some interest I could get a small batch made up. Prices are quite high with small quantities obviously
  12. Hi all, Long time modder and lurker, first time poster but I wanted to share a project I have been working on the last couple months. It is a small PCB which allows you to use Wireless Xbox 360 controllers (via the Xbox 360 USB Wireless Receiver) on an OG Xbox console. The design is loosely based on another similar project I did for the Nintendo 64 console https://imgur.com/gallery/HVLea3d Following the release of this board another forum user sent me an email asking if this device could be adapted for the OG Xbox, and funnily enough that was the next thing I was going to attempt! I wanted to support the following features atleast: Up to four players with rumble support. 100% USB Bus Powered so no external power supply needed. Fast bootup time, so it's up and running in time for the OG Xbox. Low input lag. As always, this is a hard thing to measure, however I can say that an OG Xbox controller is polled by the console every 4ms or so. My software gathers all the Xbox 360 wireless controller data, collates it and generates all the HID reports every 4 ms aswell. It's possible an input may miss this 4ms window, so would happen in the next 4ms window. As you probably know, an OG Xbox controller is basically a USB HID device, however it has some custom requests and other slight differences, meaning that it doesn't work on a Windows machine without a custom driver, and conversely a generic HID controller will not work in an OG Xbox so there was some work in getting a reliable and compatible solution working. To support four controllers, it is necessary to have 4x Full USB device controllers. However I imagine most people would rarely play with 4 people at once so my design is modular meaning you can support anywhere from one up to 4 players as required to keep cost down. This is a link to the github repo with what I came up with https://github.com/Ryzee119/ogx360 Cheers!

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