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  1. The XeniumICE is "not" based on an Open-Source project! It was based on the Original XeniumICE from the early 2000's. I had developed the XeniumICE and some accessories before having even heard of Ryzee119 work on the Open-Source project. When I started looking into getting the firmware reverse engineered, Kekule introduced me to Ryzee119 in early October 2019... Upon the official release of the OpenXenium I managed to get a working XeniumICE prototype within 5 days of the release using Ryzee119's firmware. As I was prepared to pay an electrical engineer
  2. Your Welcome... Limited U.S. Stock Now Available! Status: Available I've sent a small batch of Xenium Massive Bundles to a good friend in the U.S. who was kind enough to offer assistance in distribution by holding stock for me. The following offer is for the United States only as shipping to Canada is too expensive, It's actually cheaper for me to ship to Canada by DHL Express from Australia! Sales/Orders For all enquiries please email: XeniumMods@gmail.com
  3. @VCoupe376ci: Glad to see your enjoying your bundle! Thread Update Here a number of links for downloads, written and video tutorials... For all the most recent developments be sure to check out my primary thread: https://www.emuxtras.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=187&t=6786 Downloads R1.2 - Xenium Essentials (NeMesiS) R1.2 - Xenium Dashpack (NeMesiS) R1.2 - Xenium Installer (NeMesiS) Video Tutorials R1.2 - Xenium Essentials (NeMesiS) R1.2 - Xenium Dashpack (NeMesiS) R1.2 - Xenium Installer (NeMesiS) Written Tutorials R1.
  4. Great work and nice video... Those PWM demos are able to change the original front LED color as well. By default they are all set to "green", therefore the controller ports are currently "dimmed" where the front panel is "bright". By changing the last string in each line from "0F" to "FF" will make both modules "bright". I'll make the changes and upload new revision of the "Xenium Essentials" download on my main thread for you....
  5. Limited Special Offer I will be doubling the discount to 20% for Massive Bundles with either "Black" or "White" mod-chips! After the discount it will be $80AUD plus shipping, I only have a limited supply of 4x Black and 4x White available, Once they have sold out that's it! I'm wanting to discontinue "Black" and "White" mod-chips as they are not selling as well as the "Blue" and it will save me much drama with logistics and when consulting with potential customers. I also want this to help stimulate some sales so that I may raise the funds to secure components and equi
  6. Everything is cross compatible with the Original Xenium, Even all the components on the mod-chip are compatible with the Original. But to let you know I'm not currently selling the accessories separately.
  7. There been a number of updates including tutorials, downloads, cheaper shipping, demo videos and more... Please checkout the main thread over at EmuXtras! https://www.emuxtras.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=187&t=6786 I would edit/update this thread but I dont think i can, so I might just create a new one...
  8. Oh, I forgot to mention it here... But I've been giving a 10% discount to everyone who buys direct via PayPal. I posted this on my main thread over at EmuXtras but that might help you out with postage. The full price might end up being my eBay price whenever I get around to doing that. I hope this helps, Nem
  9. Hello, The OpenXenium is open sourced but my designs are not, only I sell them... I apologies for the shipping but there's not a lot I can do about it. I recently had a customer from the UK who bought 2 Massive Bundles, one for himself and another for a friend, so I assume they went half's in shipping. I think I can ship up to 4x Massive Bundles in a single box without shipping going up in price. I'm allowed up to 500 grams, a single Massive Bundle including packaging is 150 grams. The 2x Massive Bundles worked out to be 250 grams... I might be open to d
  10. Revision 1.1 Xenium Guides UPDATE: Here are some guide's I've put together... R1.1 - Version Identification Guide (NeMesiS) R1.1 - Console Disassembly Guide (NeMesiS) R1.1 - Quick Solder Install Guide (NeMesiS) R1.1 - Pin Header Install Guide (NeMesiS) R1.1 - RGB Install Guide (NeMesiS) PS. Is there anyway to edit/update my first post?
  11. Thanks guys, I've had alotta positive feedback from the various sites I've posted on.
  12. When I first thought about doing this I never expected it would come together... None of this would have been possible without Ryzee119's work on the CPLD firmware! For more details please visit my Main thread over at EmuXtras: https://www.emuxtras.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=187&t=6786 Quick demonstration of adding bios from a USB device, dimming feature and full RGB front panel and controller ports. NOTE: Due to poor lighting it is difficult to distinguish between some colors: "Green and Amber", "Cyan and White"... Sales/Pre-Orders Payments made t

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