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  1. It is possible to use classic controllers directly in the original Xbox. I myself got a modded snes Controller from n64freak, which is working perfectly. I don't know what he exactly Changes to get it working on the Xbox, but I think there is a topic somewhere about it. Maybe @N64 freak can shed some light.
  2. Blobby85

    Og Slim

    Really cool. Could you post some photos of the internals, so we can see how you for example wired the ogx360 ?
  3. Hey Rocky, is there a chance to get an update to the urldownloader so it supports the latest stuff released over at EmuXtras?
  4. Hey Guys, since a few days i'm having problems with my Xbox. It randomly doesn't boot anymore and just hangs on the xecuter rox my Box Screen. When I try to boot i again a few hours later, sometimes it Boots without problems and on Other occasions it hangs again. I am using xbmc4gamers as Dash through a shortcut xbe. The BIOS ist x5035. I love my Xbox and would be very thankful for any Help.
  5. Try reformatting your HDD with xbpartitioner 1.3 at least the wrong Partition. Could be a Problem with the Cluster size, had the same Thing with my 2 TB on Setup.
  6. I can confirm this issue with the latest update when applied through the downloader. Fortunately the FTP still works, i was able to recover by deleting the App (as i was booting into xbmc4gamers through a shortcut xbe) and replacing it with the latest Version from Rockys GitHub. So it only seems to have issues with the Version from the downloader.
  7. How do you use the dlc installed from the downloader? My Xbox says it is installed and I can even see them in the original dashboard under the savegames, but when I boot into the game the installed things are not there, for example the new maps in halo...
  8. Is a reupload possible?
  9. Blobby85


    I found a bug in XBMC4Gamers. It doesn't recongnize Doom 3 and Doom 3 RoE as games and I can't start them directly through the dashboard, even though there is a default.xbe in the game folder.
  10. Hey, it's been a while but I finally managed to overcome the problem. I flashed the Bios SS_Dave said and now all the games that where giving me headaches work without problems. The dashboard changing seems to be a think of hexen, at least it flashed my bios properly. Thanks for your help guys.
  11. Hey guys, I've had issues with my xbox for quite some time now. It is a 1.1, 128mb, TSOP flashed with Ind-Bios. Many games wouldn't boot, no matter what, tried different sources, settings whatsoever. Some games gave me a direct black screen when trying to run, some would boot but then lock up on the loading screen. So today I tried running Hexen2018 from the download section here from my hdd, but as i wasn't sure which bios to flash i chickened out and exited without doing anything. To my suprise my xbox no longer booted into XBMC4Gamers, but into unleashX, the first two times without showing the IND-BIOS boot up. As obviously something had changed I tried to run some of the games that hung on a black screen before, and suddenly they worked. The other games that hung on loading screen still didn't work, but I was glad Halo finally booted on me, as I wanted to play it for ages. But after a couple of reboots, the IND-BIOS bootup reappeared and my xbox started showing the same behavior as before. Halo gave me a black screen again, as five minutes before it was working. Anyone knows what might be the problem here? Do I need to reflash my BIOS maybe or use some other?
  12. Hey Ryzee are you planning to release another batch? I would definetly be interested in a 4 Player Setup If available
  13. Hey guys, right now I own a 128mb xbox from n64freak and a 1tb hdd. Unfortunately some of my games do not boot, neither from hdd nor from disk. Others boot but get hung up on the loading screens. I tried different sources for my games on the hdd and they still hang, even with the original disk. Because of that I tried different FTP programs to, but it didn't help. Right now I am running some kind of IND-BIOS refering to my startup screen. I already tried reformating my hdd, but it didn't help, so my guess is that it might be a BIOS problem. The question now is, as i never tried that before (the installed BIOS was flashed by N64FREAK), which bios is the best one for my setup if i want to upgrade to a 2tb hdd? Or might the problem be of some other source? Any help is much appreciated.
  14. I know this topic is quite old, but I recently switched to xbmc4gamers and tried the dlc installers. It Runs through without problems, but when i boot the game, the installed dlc is Not shown. Do i have to do anything else before i can use the newly installed dlc?
  15. What actually is a sd to HD Switch? Kind of an upscaler? If yes, what are you using and how to Connect it to the Xbox? Been looking for a upscaler that works on the Xbox for a long time now...

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