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  1. Awesome work. Any news on offering the internal hdmi mod again N64Freak?
  2. Hey Rocky, I tried the downloader and it appears to be working, but I can't find any of the downloaded stuff on the Xbox and the games do not recognize the dlc. Do I have to install it after downloading through the downloader? And If yes, where do the downloads get stored?
  3. Could this be uploaded to this side directly or somewhere else where you dont't have to signup for a download? Thanks for sharing btw.
  4. Blobby85

    XHexen (V1.1)

    Any chance of a re-upload?
  5. Any news about offering the internal Installation kits? Does it still take a while and will it be possible for total noobs to install them or should noobs like me just stick to the external version?
  6. http://www.goldenshop.com.hk/AI-trad/xbox/xtinstall.htm Found this installation guide. Maybe IT helps.
  7. God damn this looks so cool. I could bite my own ass I just bought a upgraded console from you and didn't wait the few extra weeks to see this. Any chance of you installing this on my 128mb ram board?
  8. N64Freak is your man. He is active here at the forums, so just send him a message and he will make you an offer. I just received my 128mb Xbox from him and can only say positive things. His products can't be recommended enough.
  9. Hey XC-3730C, is there any chance of you uploading the files to get xbmc set up as you have in the above posted pictures? This looks beyond awesome.
  10. Sorry, if I am just to stupid to find them, but where can I find the previews for the menu sections like home consoles, handheld consoles and stuff?
  11. Can it maybe be fixed that you can use every xbox controller and not just the original one?
  12. Thanks for sharing this
  13. awesome work on this. What do you have planned for future releases?

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