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  1. Beta XBox Website

    Good stuff.
  2. XTender Case Mod for Sale, $500!

    Definitely overpriced. It seems that this is a TSOP flashed console, so it is a complete setup and not only the XTENDER, but still overpriced.
  3. Wireless XBox 360 Controllers On the Og XBoX

    I ordered one a few weeks ago, just patiently waiting for it to come in!
  4. Original Xbox Ftp Tutorial

    I'd really suggest talking if you're doing a video tutorial. An uneducated user will look at this and essentially get out of it "Alright, here's a Xbox booting up, and here's a dashboard, now here's this weird program on a PC. What?"
  5. A decent amount of research, recording, money, and fun went into making this video! Haven't done one in this style before, but it seems to be getting an overwhelmingly positive reception. It might not be perfect, but I figured it would be fitting to post here. Enjoy~
  6. Screen Flicker Version 1.4

    I have this exact same problem on a 1.4 using the Pound cable. I've chalked it up to that as I know Pound had trouble with 1.4 consoles, but it's interesting OP has this happening with all cables.
  7. Pdf Tutorials

    Not a PDF, but I could not find the Xapt3r install document until I nabbed it from the original TX site using the Wayback Machine. Photo is attached to this post. The doc for the Xapt3r 1.6 can be found on this site, in this thread:
  8. Chimp 261812 Not Displaying Over Component

    I believe in one of the videos I saw from Rocky that he mentioned his build of Chimp has a few minor tweaks to it in regards to option selection and controls. I have not done a MD5 as I'm not in front of the consoles right now, but it wouldn't surprise me if Rocky's build has anything additional which helps with display settings. For what it's worth, I ran the Extras disc version on a 1.6 softmodded console, and ran the HeXEn 2018 version on a 1.1 hardmodded console.
  9. Made a HeXEn 2018 Update

    For sure! If you look around town you can easily find a Xbox with hookups and even a few controllers or games for around the same price as a Raspberry Pi 3 board by itself. Despite it being so old, the homebrew and emulation on it is awesome and in some aspects can be just as good or better than modern single board computer setups. The appealing part to me is build quality, oddly enough. With other emulation setups you need to mess around a bit with different controllers, dongles, peripherals, mappings, setups, etc. and can be annoying to get it just right. The Xbox has had so much R&D behind it and the hardware is from Microsoft of all places, so no doubt the console itself is sturdy and the controllers hold up well. Setup for controllers is simply plugging them in, since it's a Xbox controller being used on a Xbox console.
  10. Thought I would ask this question here as I ran into this the other night while using a few consoles as guinea pigs for testing a few things. I've been familiarizing myself with the process of cloning drives using Chimp 261812 and have successfully done two with no issues - one on a softmodded console and the other on a hardmodded console. However I noticed Chimp 261812 on Rocky5's Extras Disc works perfectly fine with my component cables. Chimp 261812 on HeXEn (specifically 2018 when I tried it) would cut to black and not display anything on my setup after I pressed "A" after hooking up the slave hard drive. I restarted the process on the HeXEn build using composite cables as opposed to component and had no issues. Is this common? Has anyone tested Chimp 261812 over component cables with 480p/720p/1080i disabled as well? I was going to do that last night but forgot about it.
  11. Made a HeXEn 2018 Update

    That's worth giving a shot at least, the person I saw do this method used scotch tape. If I were to do this I would personally use one of those conductive pens, seems to be a more reliable and precise method.
  12. Made a HeXEn 2018 Update

    Really comes down to alternatives for soldering. Many people don't want to do it or can't trust themselves, I botched many solder jobs which ruined my confidence with it until I soldered in a chip and got it working properly. I have seen conductive pens used successfully. Perhaps the jankiest/most creative way I've seen has been stripping some wire, cutting a small bit of copper, placing it on top of the two points to bridge, and then taping it on top of them. It was admitted to be a very temporary solution, but hey, it works without having to touch a soldering iron!
  13. Plenty of interest, all it would need is a new laser, or even better a new disc drive.
  14. Ohai!

    I've been recognized already, damn.
  15. Made a HeXEn 2018 Update

    Been wanting to get my hands on this for a while, will be a great update to have on hand. Thank you!

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