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  1. Well I found an HGST 500 GB SATA HDD laying around. Did all the step on your video except I choose "G occupies space beyond 137 GB". I know you choose another option cause you were using a smaller HDD. Anyway, now at the dashboard I have partitions C (307,33 MB free) , E (3,980,89 MB free) and F (123,408,50 MB free). What happen to "G" partition and the rest of GB's? Should I unlock the HDD with chimp and try cloning and formatting again?
  2. Thanks for replying I also think that the HDD must be faulty. Thats why I tried to run a test. I should upgrade to a 2TB. That way all the games can fit on it. Do you know which HDD model is recommended?
  3. I was trying to transfer games through FTP using FileZilla in Linux Mint 19.3 to my Soft Modded Xbox which has a 1TB WD SATA HDD (model: WD10JPVX). I configured the Xbox Network settings to a maximmum of 5 users and FileZilla to 4. Every time I tried to tranffer a file, the user counter on the Xbox went up to 5 and FileZilla started showing errors. So I booted Windows 10 with FileZilla. Still, had the same problem. Anyway, I deleted a Game Folder (4gb) from the "G" partition. Suddenly the Message Log window started showing a list of errors. When it finish, I went to the "Games" section o

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