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  1. Id there someone we can buy a 4 player one from? I could see myself getting more than one. Also what kind of range do these get with the controller's?
  2. It was my first attempt at a heat sync before I discovered it would be too thick. I was planning on mounting amd coolers to it directly. This is before I discovered it would be too thick and not dissipate heat efficiently. I then discovered the aluminum water block shown on the postings.
  3. I am actually a little worried.. Will more of these be available in the future, or will this be some super rare thing that only the few of us who had the insight to purchase directly will have. It would be nice to have a larger set available out on the marketplace. Also concerned if it dies for some reason will not be able to get another.
  4. Just a quick update with where we are at, still not done yet
  5. check out the solution for watercooling the xbox. the heatsink costs $9
  6. Not sure how much it matters but. LTT, and a few others did a review of all the different thermal pastes and found MX4 performs a bit better than AS5 in terms of heat transfer, machines run slightly hotter with AS5. Of course they all lose to liquid metal, but not gonna play with that stuff. Check it out :-).
  7. My water cooled rig is around 30-40C... 40C when not running the fans, I think it was the temp you were describing before I made that switch. I believe throwing some MX4 or IC diamond on the original blocks did help the temps a bit. MX4 seems to have worked better for me, and is a bit more easy to work with in my opinion.
  8. BTW, hi! I am subscribed to your channel!
  9. in the mid-to-high 30C's but again, running from the radiator with no fans. When running with fans, it goes down to high 20-30C, much of it probably depends on the temps of the room also.
  10. Yeah its TruHeXEn, it must not... that is what I was using prior to my switch to x2.
  11. Yep, but I am also intending on leaving it connected, and throwing a switch on the ground. I have a TSOP that I did. Though there seems to be problems with removing the dvd drive for evox m8+ on hexen 2019, so I would not recommend that one.
  12. True, but when people are spending $40 on logitech controllers, the desire to have a $60 fanless silent xbox does not seem that far fetched. I have been checking out some the case mods out there, honestly it doesn't seem that far fetched at all :-). And when I say around $60-70 I do mean it, here are the amazon parts for the build brand new. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00IHWAV3E/ 2 water blocks $18, there are cheaper ones without fins if desired down to like $4 each. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07C79CH67/ 240 radiator $24 https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00M
  13. Alright I managed to install a different bios from evox m8, using hexen 2019. I think this is the 256 x2 bios; it will just let me remove the drive without modifying the power cable at all. I still do want to keep the dvd drive attached though so I will probably wire in a switch. Are we sure that we can run all three grounds on the same pole and that will not mess anything up? Or should I use a separate switch for each ground? Also what is the advantage or evox m8 over x2, does x2 have less game support?

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