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  1. Wireless XBox 360 Controllers On the Og XBoX

    I am waiting eagerly for an internal version. it's gonna be a must-have!
  2. Massive Google Drive

  3. Feedback

    I would love to have XLink KAI reimplemented into XBMC again, especially when it's named "for gamers"
  4. X2 5035 Bios Mod for X2 Files On C Drive

    Hi, I have hex edited the most common X2 5035 Bios files (Vanilla, VGA-Mod and Force480p Mod) in order to load the x2config.ini and the x2logo.bmp from C-Drive. If the files are not found on C, the BIOS will attempt to load from E as usual. It is not possible to load from F any more! Multiupload Mirrors 5035_ConfigC.rar

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