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What Do I Do With My Modchip?


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   I have 5 boxes, two 1.4 rest 1.0-1.1. and during my families quarterly big amazon order "Of Savings" I ordered a few aladdin chips at 3.99 each. At this point i have done more than a few tsop and general softmods. I have Zero fear when it comes to physical installs of components (minus ram. I dont have a hot air station yet.). So is there any benefit to installing the aladdin chip to any of my non 1.6 systems? Even if the benefit is small i am interested as my truer passion with all of this is to create the ultimate best of the best systems.

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No additional benefits using the Aladdin XT plus 2 as it only holds 1 BIOS.  However, they can be modified by reprogramming the CPLD (Lattice LC4032 chip with a JTAG programmer) and swapping out the 49LF020 (256KB = 2Mbit flash) with a 49LF080 (1MByte = 8Mbit flash).  Install the XBlastOS (256KB) and have 2 additional software selectable BIOS banks: 1 - 256KB and 1 - 512KB.



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