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Xbox 1.0 & 1.4 - "Same" FRAG after attempt of Aladin XT Plus 2 installation


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Long time reader first time poster! Sorry to start in this way but I'm completely lost and if possible I need your help all...  First disclaimer, before the attempt on both console to install the modchip everything works fine (stock console no softmod or other modchip).

As per the title I've installed the same Aladin XT Plus 2 (pick-up from AliX) but at the end (after the first boot) both console start to have the same issue as per below :

Tries to Boot 3x then FRAG (Christmas Lights) Usually due to a failed or improperly installed modchip or the IDE cable being plugged in upside down somewhere.

Check modchip wiring and IDE cables. If you did not do any soldering, it could be a bad PSU.

- On both console I've already removed all the wires for the Aladin (beside the connector on the MB)

- Cleaned everything with isopropyl alcohol

-  Replaced the power supply

- Recaps (Done only on the 1.0)

- Searched on the motherboard for broken component or any other strange visual sign of issue

Is clear that the Aladin I've is faulty but what I can try now to revive those two console?


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Yes is flashed... I've also removed the SST stock  (the one received with the microchip) and used another 49LF020A (That I know 100% that isn't fake)... Used an external programmer to perform the reflash of course...

The strange thing is that after a single boot with this modchip, both console, now they act in the same way.... looks like the modchip brake something somewhere on the MB... 

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With or without modchip don’t make difference unfortunately… at the moment 1.0 and 1.4 both frags and this happened just with one single boot with Aladdin xt plus 2 installed (Shame on me I’ve used the same modchip).

In any case I did a visual inspection and both motherboards seems to be ok… clock caps already removed some months ago… checked even the power supply value, on 1.4 everything is ok… on 1.0 I’ve the 12 volt that’s a 11,6 volt. … I’ve some other 1.0 power supply but at least for now I won’t use… 

My understanding that modchip is faulty and make some mess on both motherboards… even because now they act in the same way…

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A little update from my side :

1.0 motherboard for now the repair is put on hold...

for the 1.4 motherboard, after a clean with ultrasonic cleaner, the console start again to boot and works as usual... For test I left the console on for 3 hours no issue so far...After that I removed again from the shell and prepared for 128MB ram mod, tinted the pads clean with isopropyl alcohol and tested again.... unfortunately same issue of before... frags red / green light... checked again all the pads for shorts ecc without luck... everything been done correctly.

The caps seems to be ok but a recaps of the motherboard can help or is just a waste of money?

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