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SSD samsung evo 500Gb, problem formatting cluster


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Hello eve

Hello everybody; I bought an xbox with chip as in the picture (an aladdin, but I don't know the exact model).
As soon as I turn it on I see the EvoX logo in the left corner, but as a bios entry, it gives me "unknown". Naturally the burned games start. 
I decided to put a ssd of at least 500Gb, a samsung evo, so I bought an 80 pin ide cable and a startech adapter (40 pin ide to sata converter).
Inserted the dvd of truhexen 2021, I inserted the sequence and formatted everything; the problem is that it never detects me more than 120 gb on F and not 
even G.
Using Xbpartitioner 1.3 FROM TRUHEXEN seems to work, but not and if i put all space (458,31GB) in F it give "ER"....if i split F and G, when i restart the dash 
does not see G and F is 120gb...moreover, If I launch xbpartition from ssd, it gave me error "LBA48info not found!Custom partition will not work with this bios" 
(but from dvd start).
Installing the new dashes (and basic program) and launching unleashX dash, I see the bios entry "EvoxM8 (1.6) and xboxV 1.4" .... do I have to flash the bios?





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The xbox I bought it used, a few weeks ago .... the burned DVDs are fine.
With the truhexen dvd, what should I select to update the bios? And which one should I put next?
in the menu, I see the item:
3 - DP Flashed / Chipped xbox tool, then:
3.1 not Winbond / Sharp
3.2 Flash Winbond / Sharp Tsop
What to choose? Or do you use other programs?
I used fatxplorer and put the dir inside E partition, launch "Bios Chekers", and (see below); 
now i don't know how flash bios with hexen disk.... 


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I'd be wary of updating the BIOS using any HeXEn based disc here without expert advice from those who know about this sort of stuff.

There are apparently problems with some BIOS on older HeXEn type discs and I think one version of 'TruHeXEn' in particular.

So my advice would be to wait for advice on what tool and what BIOS to use.

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Here you go : https://1fichier.com/?xedl9xscl0t8ih9y9g2c

Read the read me file which is in the rar. Bios in an EvoX m8plus noDVD F+G (.67) (LBA48).

And to set up your HDD as F+G you need to format your HDD twice with XBP. 1 reboot in between. After that the ER massage should be gone.

How ever, since you have only 500GB, one partition with 500GB (F) should be fine.

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i flashed from dvd truhexen2021 with a 256k M8plus F&G, then in the dash i see:
EVOX M8+ 137 hexen
I see the ER and format 2 times it's gone, now i see 32k and over 460gb
Now i have 2 problem:

1)if i launch Xbox bios cheker, i see unknow and a long list of thing

2)installing XBMC or XBMC4xbox or 4 games (default dash or not), if i press the reset combination, the console 2x reboot. In others Dash works....

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21 minutes ago, Xbuba said:

1)if i launch Xbox bios cheker, i see unknow and a long list of thing

Bios Checker does not have the MD5 hash required to match all customized modified Xbox BIOSes.  Neither do all of the replacement dashboards.  It is up to the creator - you - to add the correct MD5 hash to all of the various bios id files for all of the apps.  Each one has its own slightly different format to include a BIOS's MD5 hash and name to be displayed for it when a match is found.

Edit: If there's no matching MD5 hash present, the BIOS's name is display as Unknown and in Bios Checker that long string of hex digits is the MD5 hash value it computes when accessing the BIOS address space of the Xbox.

Even more complex technical jargon follows :

16 MBs of address space is allocated to access the Xbox's BIOS; however, only 1MB of that address space is fully decoded to select the flash memory chip on v1.0 and v1.1 motherboards. This 1MB flash memory chip holds 4 copies of the same Xbox BIOS one after the other to fill the memory chip.  In a cost savings plan for v1.2-1.4 models, Microsoft switched the flash memory chip from a 1MB device to a smaller less expensive 256KB chip that holds only 1 copy of the Xbox BIOS; however, the bytes of the 256KB BIOS are accessible 64 times at muliples of 256KB blocks throughout the allocated BIOS address space of the CPU.

Some modchips break down the 1MB address space into either 4 individually addressable 256KB chunks to hold a 256KB size BIOS or 2 512KB regions to hold 2 512KB size BIOSes.

The reason Bios Checker displays 2 512KB MD5 hashes and 4 256KB MD5 hashes.  Each one could be different based on which modchip and BIOS is being used with a modchip.

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13 hours ago, Xbuba said:

2)installing XBMC or XBMC4xbox or 4 games (default dash or not), if i press the reset combination, the console 2x reboot. In others Dash works....

Does it finally go into a dashboard after the 2x reboot?  If so, which one: a replacement dashboard or the stock MS Dashboard?

If not, does it display an error screen with a number displayed on it?  What is the number?

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No, No, it goes in the dash i set to default; if i do a combination reset(LT+RT+Back+Start) on UnleashX dash, the dash restart normally.
If i install every XBMC dash and press the same combination, the console reboot twice (i see Evo x logo, than black screen, than Evo x logo, 2x check dvd....)....so i don't know why....

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