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original xbox dashboard skin - is it possible?


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Hello guys,

I've tried to search for that kind topic, but did not find any similar.

As I recently got my og xbox (already modded), I am not very familiar with all the option of this mod.

My main question is - Is it possible to change modded xbox dashboard skin to original green one (like from the factory)? But to keep all the modded xbox perks like 720p+ resolution, hdd saved games etc. Basically just change the look of dashboard, cuz i dont really like that modded look


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There are no UnleashX skins which really match the original MS design.

There are those with original elements like the Xbox orb, fog and cell background (TrueMSdash and various others) but in all honesty they are just superficially similar no more.

The original MS dash main menu graphics are quite complex and the animated rotating selection with glowing orb can not be mimicked in UnleashX. You can rotate the text menu selector highligher box but that's about it.

The MS dash lacks things I like such as a preview pane and whilst I have UnleashX skins I've edited which 'refer' to the MS dash this is often only the cell background.

One of my likely now never to be completed skin projects was to create a family of "Xboxy" skins which pay homage to the original for EvoX and UnleashX by matching the style Blackbolt's XBMC Xbox-Classic skin, IMHO the most authentically "Xboxy" skin for XBMC.

I actually used Blackbolt's original "blackbolt_consolev4" EvoX skin as the basis for the UnleashX skin. Thanks to an old tool Rocky5 made to convert EvoX skins for UnleashX dash use it saved a lot of time that would have had been required to create/edit a new UX skin.xml. But thanks to another tool he updated I been able to get at the graphics content of Xbox-Classic's textures.xpr. I've even recreated higher resolution versions of some that content using the originals for reference. But so far I've not added those elements to either the EvoX or Unleash skins. 


Original "blackbolt_consolev4" EvoX skin.


The primary UnleashX overlay of the same skin base cleaned up and edited

But I still had to do a lot of work on it and the original EvoX skin before I was even half-way happy. I redid the EvoX loading screen almost completely too.

The main flaw with the original EvoX skin is the black 'fog' area is uneven in tone and it took time evening that out to look the same but better. There are inherent problems with the design too - with no room to add G:\ drive or C:\ drive info for that matter.

The DVD info box could be converted to accommodate that but then where do you move the DVD info? I consider that an important feature of any skin.

In short it is all very much still work in progress and even at this half finished stage I have, literally, a hundred versions so far and in various alternative colours too.      


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