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29 minutes ago, Dtomcat18 said:

That’s for the 4 player version on the board, but only one pro micro (so a 1 player version … but can be upgraded to 4 player version) pro micros are a bit more expensive than I remember 

Thank you - So wingman is slightly cheaper per player.

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I’m planning to build OGX360 with 2 port usb design from@Ryzee119
Biggest struggle was finding the usb hub controller without overpaying 100x and without shipping time of + 1 year. Luckily found one on ebay. Now it should almost be parts complete at mouser (after 8 months waiting) and cost is 60-70 euro per board for 2 players. 

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Current parts prices suck, I have so many projects benched because I just dont want to pay sometimes 100x what the chip or discrete part normally costs.  
For example normally common  Voltage regulators, some literally cost pence each when bough in lots of 50 or more, suddenly are several £s each. Even when bought in bulk, that if you can find a supplier who has them. 

Dont get me started on the fakers who take a similar chip remove the tampo print and replace it with something else. You buy the chip at a good price only to find you have been sold something not fit for the task and that kills your board if you did use it. Yeah talking to you eBay, Amazon and Aliexpress.



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