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repairing xecuter 3 chip


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16 hours ago, prtscn said:

Is it possible to repair xecuter modchip by replacing actel IC, if any programming necessary?

I plugged the chip backwards, made some crackling sounds, but no explosions or magic smoke. 😕


IIRC, the chip is not actually an the Actel part as labeled on the modchip.  Team Xecuter re-badged the part to subvert others trying to clone their modchip.

The real part used, I don't recall what the part number is right now, has to be programmed to work.

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    • By alcatraz68
      I have an old Xbox that has an Xecuter 2 chip installed, it still has the stock HDD so i'd like to upgrade it to a 500GB SATA. Weirdly I cannot physically see any chip soldered to the board, I can see some yellow wires going out the front of the console so i'm not sure if this is where the chip is located? (see pic).
      In any case I have downloaded the HeXen 2018 installation disc, and I have the necessary parts required to convert from IDE to SATA. Is this disc capable of setting up a HDD with this chip? I took a couple of pics showing my kernel and the fact my current HDD is locked:

    • By boydscout
      I chip modded my Xbox 20 years ago when I was in college. Not sure the type of chip but I can find out if need be. Evolution X executor rox my box load screen. Fast forward and now I have 4 kids who have resurrected the Xbox, ages 4-11. I suspect one of the kids messed up the bios but I really don't know. One day, the kids can't get into system utilities anymore and load games. Here is the screen it boots to. Not sure where to go from here to get the machine working but I can follow directions and my 11YO is as nerdy as I used to be, so I'm hoping all is not lost.

      Any guidance appreciated.
    • By JBird
      Hey guys, 
      Wondering if someone might be able to help me with this.  Recently installed OpenXenium on my 1.6 with LPC board (pics attached).  Xbox turning on just fine but getting a black screen when video cables connected.  Tried both component and standard composite.  The Xbox led is green as per usual.  The chip led itself actually flashes so I know its getting power BUT after it flashes a few colors the chip LED turns off and I'm left with a black screen on the tv.   
      When i remove my video cables from the xbox  and only have the power plugged into the Xbox the chip LED stays on, flashing every few seconds between red and yellow.  
      Xbox boots fine to dash with chip unplugged.
      The machine is soft modded.  Could that be causing an issue getting to the Xenium OS screen?   
      Losing hope on this. Thoughts?

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