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Drive Upgrade Now All Saves Invalid


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I have had a 200GG Seagate and X3 chip since it was released and recently I decided I wanted to try an SSD. I got a 2TB SSD Loaded it up made my way to getting the partitions setup with a split between F/G as 64k sectors and moved all files over.  When I run my games however the save files are all unavailable.  I'm figuring there is something to this but of everything I've found I've not found anything to address this.  Also when I run burnout 3 I'm limited to like 30-40km/h.  Just not sure what I"m missing with this.

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2 hours ago, Pauldy said:

I still have the old hard drive, is it as simple as copying the hdkey from the old drive and using it for the new drive?

The HDDKey doesn't change with the hard drive.  It's stored on the Xbox's motherboard.  The only way it changed is that you did so by NULLing or setting it to all 1's.

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Apart Burnout what and/or how many other games have this problem because it seems unlikely any user would just have those games or a significant number which are digitally signed?

I've never come across anything like this and I've upgraded my HDD on my main games' playing Xbox four times Retail > 120GB > 160GB > 320GB > 1TB. The last time included reinstalling about 50 games to F:\ by FTP including their E:\UDATA and E:\TDATA files from backups on PC.

Any cache files in E:\CACHE you may have copied and what about X, Y and Z temporary content? I'd wipe the [b]contents[/b] of those and try booting the problem game(s) again.

When you go into the Game Save Manager, assuming your using UnleashX or XBMC, do you see your problem games' saves there as they should be?  

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I backed up everything that was visible at the time via the XBMC ftp, C, D, E,F, Q.  I did not restore the Q drive.  I only have like 25 games I own on there and I only tried a handful of what I would consider premium titles like fable, harry potter, burnout 3, and each one of those has invalid save files.  The Simpsons Road Rage and its save game loaded fine.

I don't have a same game manager in any of the dashboards I have loaded right now but I'll look to get one and see.  The other odd issue is when I wiped the data for burnout3 it did indeed remove the option for loading the save profile and I created a new one.  When I got past all the intro stuff and started a race I was still limited to 30mph.

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2 hours ago, Pauldy said:

I just tried the save game file on the original drive and it is working as expected still.

Have you tried to use a memory card to transfer the game save from the original HDD to the new HDD?



SS Dave

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    • By alcatraz68
      I have an old Xbox that has an Xecuter 2 chip installed, it still has the stock HDD so i'd like to upgrade it to a 500GB SATA. Weirdly I cannot physically see any chip soldered to the board, I can see some yellow wires going out the front of the console so i'm not sure if this is where the chip is located? (see pic).
      In any case I have downloaded the HeXen 2018 installation disc, and I have the necessary parts required to convert from IDE to SATA. Is this disc capable of setting up a HDD with this chip? I took a couple of pics showing my kernel and the fact my current HDD is locked:

    • By TheSegaHolic
      I apologise for the tech OCD, I’m just so stoked to have this console back in my life and every little noise or sound makes me wonder, “What if”?
      My Xbox has a Philips DVD drive and when I power the system on with no disc inserted or close the tray with no disc inserted while powered on, I can hear the lens move up and down the track 3 times before settling.
      Is this normal behaviour for this brand of disc drive? I’ve included a video below, you can clearly hear it after the tray closes.
    • By TheSegaHolic
      Hi folks,
      A friend pointed me in your direction, and I hope you can shed some light of this issue.
      I picked up an immaculate Xbox today, boxed, sealed manual, still had the plastic over the eject and power buttons, not a mark on the case
      I played some OutRun2 and Dead or Alive 3, no issues. I then decided to “stress test” and run a game for half an hour, and chose Halo 2, letting it sit in its promo/demo loop.
      After around 35 mins, the game froze. I ejected the disc, returned to the dash, and reloaded the disc … nothing.
      The green light around eject just flashes, but there’s no action from the drive other than 3 whirs then nothing.
      Tonight I took the console apart, and it’s immaculate inside. No leaks, no dust, no bulging caps, not even a spec of dust on the fan … I doubt this console has seen much use, which is what makes this issue even harder to understand.
      When I had the lid off the drive, I tried to load a game, OutRun2 … but the behaviour is the same for any disc.
      The lens moves to the top of the track and back 3 times, and each time it returns to its “home” position next to the disc spindle, the spindle tries to turn and moves, if it’s lucky, a centimetre or two. It does this 3 times, then nothing.
      I don’t get any disc read errors, because the disc doesn’t seem to spin up. The drive, like the rest of the system, is very clean but it just stopped working so suddenly.
      Any and all advice will be greatly appreciated. I don’t want to return this to CEX for them to scrap it, especially given it’s condition, so I want to try and save it. If the drive is toast, as I suspect it may well be, what are my options in terms of modding without a working disc drive?
      Thanks all.
      Edit: I have uploaded a video of the drive in action, here:

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