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Can't Ftp Games To Console

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Hi all,


I've recently performed a rewrite of the TSOP (EVO M8+) on my PAL console, using the Hexen CD but i am unable to run backups. I've tried the following scenarios

Game tested: Psychonauts PAL

Original DVD OK


FTP or Burned DVD NOK (gets booted back to unleashX)

Original and iso are from the same game to eliminate other variables (ISO is also PAL) but it doesn't boot.

Any guesses of what might be wrong? 

I'm more concerned about not being able to FTP as i wan't to remove dependencies from the hardware that can fail overtime more easily..


Setup that this was tested at:


Internal drive: Tested with IDE to SD card, and original HDD


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Try clearing the cache - always wondered what that meant as my hardmodded console's UnleashX menu has no such item - and deleting all the files in the X, Y and Z drives.

From what I understand, the cache file used by UnleashX is named items.xml.  Use the File Explorer (aka File Manager) to delete it from the directory where the UnleashX dashboard is loaded..

Or, add the following line to UnleashX's config.xml Menu section:

<Item Action="Delete" Arg1=”items.xml”>Delete Cache</Item>

After deleting items.xml, reboot the console for UnleashX to recreate it.

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