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XEnium Troubleshooting

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Dusted off my Xbox for the kids today - powered it up, it defaulted to MS dash and prompted me for the date and time (good thing, I recall the nightmare of endless loops last time)

Set the date, time, played a little Dance Dance Revolution on the native bios with the DVD-Rom (original media)

Expected to power the Xbox off, hit the eject button, and boot into Xenium/EvolutionX or whatever I last had installed on the dash... but only get the stock MS dash, and no signs the modchip is functioning.

Pulled the torx screws (had to find my screwdrivers) and opened it up.  Modchip is installed on LPC header with single wire soldered to the topside of the board.   Re-seated the modchip since I was in there, closed it all back up, hooked it back to the TV... still nothing but stock.

Most likely cause of no-mod-signs-of-life?


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It sound like the D0 wire may not be connected to the motherboard correctly.

Can you post a pic of the chip and the wire in question?

Also inspect the clock cap for leakage because when it leaks the acid in the capacitor eats the copper traces,in particular the ones from the switch PCB



SS Dave

Soft modding is like masturbating, It gets the job done but it's nothing like the real thing.

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Re-flowed the solder on the LPC pins and resoldered d0 to the bottom of the board (it was soldered to the via on the top - there's not much to solder to there); removed the clock capacitor while i had the board out - no leaks, but no reason to leave it in there.

boots right up - Xenium 2.3 and EvoX M8 FC .  not sure how old that is or whether there is any reason to tweak/update/adjust further, but all is good.  I modded this box 19 years ago.  I've totally forgotten everything i learned when building it, but hey, it still runs - and that's the point. Kids get to play Halo tomorrow.



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Good news 

I suspect the D0 wire was the problem as soldering to the via point on the top of the board can be tricky.

The Xenium can have several BIOS files and the 3 I use are the X2-5035.67, iND 5004.67, EvoxM8plus.67 all of those will support 2 tb or a 3tb(2.2tb useable) hard drive

But if you are not planing to upgrade the HDD then there is no need to change the BIOS files.



SS Dave

Soft modding is like masturbating, It gets the job done but it's nothing like the real thing.

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Thanks SS Dave - no intent to update the HDD right now, but Lord knows the 120GB in there is pretty tiny and may have a finite shelf life, so maybe i'll do taht just in case. I grabbed the Hexen2020 disc image a few days ago - is that the best place to get those bios files?

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      I built myself a few open xeniums mainly to run a LCD on my 1.0. Everything does work but I'm having a strange issue with xenium os holding the wallpaper I selected and taking a few extra seconds to load my c or e partition when adding my .bins after reboot. It doesn't do it when the LCD is connected. Is this just the cpld being bogged down? Also noticed sometimes the LCD goes blank when playing games or navigating the menus. 
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