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Where To Put Roms On Emustation?

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So, I am completely new to this and have watched hours of videos on YT and read many forum posts trying to figure this out. But, I am not succeeding in getting an emulator to run on my xbox.

So, here is what I have and what I've done. I purchased an already softmoded xbox a year ago that has UnleashX on it with all the Xbox games loaded and emulators running (Genesis, Nintendo, Super Nintendo, N64, Playstation). I FTP'd all the roms/games from that xbox to my computer . 

I have a second xbox that I have softmodded using Rocky5's method and I have installed Emustation because I prefer the way that looks and the way it is setup. I have a 2TB drive installed that seems to be working fine and I have a F and G partition that are about 960GB each that I want to put my games and roms on. I have transferred about 8 Xbox games to the F drive and they are working. I  have used the "other settings" menu to redirect Emustation to look for roms at F:/Games. I moved the emulator (and the emulator roms folder) and media folders to the G drive and redirected to those. No matter where I stick the Sega Genesis emulator roms, when I scan (either a complete scan or selected one), it doesn't see them.

What the heck am I doing wrong? I have tried the roms in what I thought was every logical folder with no luck. So here are some questions...

1) What should the folder structure look like? Where do the roms need to go and do I need to move my emulator folders back to the much smaller E drive?

2) I know some emulators like specific roms. Could it be that even though these roms work fine under UnleashX that they are not compatible with the emulator loaded on Emustation? If so, can I just install the emulator that is running on my UnleashX Xbox on my Emustation Xbox?

3) Can I utilize both the F and G drives for my games and roms? It seems that Emustation will only let me direct to one drive for roms, in this case I have it pointed to the F partition.

Please let me know if there is any other information that is needed. I assume I am just doing something boneheaded and stupid, I just can't figure it out.

Thank in advance!

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OK, still, I am doing something wrong. I have installed all my genesis Roms in that folder...

So, Emustation can see them because I get the Sega Genesis logo on the carousel, but then zero games are available. So, what am I doing wrong? I did rescan the roms and restarted the xbox.




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So I just uploaded some nes Roms and tried both the selected scan for Roms (nes) and then tried the auto scan. I restarted the Xbox after loading the Roms and then scanned. Still no luck and these did not even bring the nes logo on the carousel. I am doing the transfers with a MacBook Pro, but none of the files were created with a Mac. Not sure if that could be fighting me, but...


I just downloaded the most current build of Emustation again and installed it just in case I messed something up. Still no luck with emulators...

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Ok, I think I have figured out my mistake. I tried zipping as you suggested, but they wouldn’t load. My mistake was that I was confusing “games” (for Xbox) with Roms. I have the rom finder pointed towards my Xbox games. When I pointed it toward my emulator Roms, it found them and now I am able to play the nes games! I will see if I can get the other emulators up and running now. Thank you all for your suggestions. I knew I just had something not entered correctly.

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