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  1. Ok, I think I have figured out my mistake. I tried zipping as you suggested, but they wouldn’t load. My mistake was that I was confusing “games” (for Xbox) with Roms. I have the rom finder pointed towards my Xbox games. When I pointed it toward my emulator Roms, it found them and now I am able to play the nes games! I will see if I can get the other emulators up and running now. Thank you all for your suggestions. I knew I just had something not entered correctly.
  2. So I just uploaded some nes Roms and tried both the selected scan for Roms (nes) and then tried the auto scan. I restarted the Xbox after loading the Roms and then scanned. Still no luck and these did not even bring the nes logo on the carousel. I am doing the transfers with a MacBook Pro, but none of the files were created with a Mac. Not sure if that could be fighting me, but... I just downloaded the most current build of Emustation again and installed it just in case I messed something up. Still no luck with emulators...
  3. OK, still, I am doing something wrong. I have installed all my genesis Roms in that folder... So, Emustation can see them because I get the Sega Genesis logo on the carousel, but then zero games are available. So, what am I doing wrong? I did rescan the roms and restarted the xbox.
  4. Hello, So, I am completely new to this and have watched hours of videos on YT and read many forum posts trying to figure this out. But, I am not succeeding in getting an emulator to run on my xbox. So, here is what I have and what I've done. I purchased an already softmoded xbox a year ago that has UnleashX on it with all the Xbox games loaded and emulators running (Genesis, Nintendo, Super Nintendo, N64, Playstation). I FTP'd all the roms/games from that xbox to my computer . I have a second xbox that I have softmodded using Rocky5's method and I have installed Emustation beca

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