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X2 Config Live Not Loading With White Button

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I apologize if this has been covered but I came up empty when searching. So I finally powered on my OG Xbox with X3CE and X3CP after many years. The bios was old (3294) so figured I would update. Flashed 5035 and everything is working, however for some reason when booting with the white button pressed Config Live doesn't load. Any ideas?

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That's because the X3- 3294 is the OS for the chip and what bank are you using?


Press power and eject and it should go to the recovery screen.

This may help it a X3 manual



SS Dave

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Posted (edited)

Thanks to both of you, and that was my epic senior moment. Saw a higher revision and multi version compatible and had a brain fart that it said "X2". So I just had a mess getting back to where I started. When I got the X3CE back in the mid 2000's, I bought the X3CP and installed both at once in my Crystal 1.6b. Instead of paying attention to the bank buttons I flashed the bios using all banks overwriting Flashbios 3.0.3 on banks 5-8. Backup had no video because of the version. Long story short after trying and failing with EvoX a bunch of times and downloading every install disc known to man, TruHeXEn 2019 finally had the X3 bios available for flashing with XBlast.I already flashed Flashbios 3.0.3 to the backup to avoid another blunder and now how 3924 back on banks 1-4 with 5-8 available. Since I have a 1.6 I doubt I'll bother with a second bios since you 1.0-1.5 guys get all the good stuff. Being that I ran across a few people as braindead as I was to make that mistake where people trying to help weren't understanding why they didn't just use X3 Config Live, or the Flashbios backup, I figured I would post this to possibly help someone else find thew easiest fix quick when searching. I was about to give up and try to find an older Xbox to install the chip in to reflash.

Ugh.....not the most pleasant welcome back, but missed me some GTA: San Andreas.

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      My brother gave me his old xbox v1.4 halo edition (w/ the green case) that he tsop flashed many years ago....he didn't have a hard drive in it but I have an unmodded xbox here w/ a hard drive.  thought I'd put the hdd from the unmodded stock xbox in the the tsop flashed box and see if it'd boot....it comes up w/ error 16..so I burned a copy of hexen 2020 to see if I could get that to load.....it's stuck on the splash screen (the xbox logo; x on top of the word xbox) w/ the text linux under it and the purple evo x logo in the top left corner; i've attached a picture of it)....is this 'cause the hard drive is locked?  is there a way around this, i'd like to be able to use the xbox.
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      Hi there,
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      I'm guessing it's either the ide to sata adapter (it's a startech) or maybe the cable needs to be in the correct orientation (blue on the board)? or did I get a dud drive?

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