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Hey guys, i have  XBMC Emustation installed, and find that one or two games such as LMA Managers games and S.C.A.R (Squadra Corse) will not display in NTSC. I am having to go into the dashboard settings to change to PAL to get them to to display (576i only). Is there a way that individual games like these can be set up to automatically run in PAL whilst leaving the system as NTSC..

Many thanks :)

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What that means is that the games you have the problem with, presumably downloaded from somewhere, are actually the PAL versions and they do not, unlike the vast majority of PAL games, support NTSC.

LMA Manager series for the original Xbox by Codemasters were PAL only releases apparently and I'm actually surprised they are not region free. When you're only releasing one version deliberately locking out a potential market of thousands of US and other NTSC gamers is bloody stupid.

However S.C.A.R (Squadra Corse) was released in US NTSC under the different titele:  Alfa Romeo Racing Italiano. So if you can find that problem solved for that game.

I wouldn't be surprised if the PAL default.xbe could be modified to work in NTSC but if they are PAL only it is unlikely either supports 480p.

You should be able to run the games in PAL60 ie. 480i/60Hz though. When you region swap to PAL go into the dashboard settings and enable the PAL60 option. 

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The Xbox NTSC version is ultra rare it would seem.

As you indicated lots of NTSC PS2 versions available on Ebay.and Amazon.com but nothing Xbox except the PAL "SCAR' one on Ebay UK.

Only thing of note is that apparently SCAR will play in 720p on the XB360 - not much help . I was hoping that might mean it was possibly on the list of 720p patched games which would also mean that it must be being played on a NTSC Xbox but it isn't.  🙁

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I'm in Pal Region, all club football games, England International Football, Manchester United Manager, NCAA College Football 2 K3 and lma managers i need the eeprom to set to pal (standard i mod to ntsc for the hd resolutions). I'm working on a complete xbox collection on one xbox, i only must check the letter S, so don't no if i get problems witch the game SCAR. One game so far is very strange, NCAA College Football 2 K3 i also must set the eeprom to pal, if i start in ntsc i get a black screen. But this game is only came out in NTSC region, but i not get it started in ntsc mode (try different sources from the game, all same problem).

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