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  1. I'm in Pal Region, all club football games, England International Football, Manchester United Manager, NCAA College Football 2 K3 and lma managers i need the eeprom to set to pal (standard i mod to ntsc for the hd resolutions). I'm working on a complete xbox collection on one xbox, i only must check the letter S, so don't no if i get problems witch the game SCAR. One game so far is very strange, NCAA College Football 2 K3 i also must set the eeprom to pal, if i start in ntsc i get a black screen. But this game is only came out in NTSC region, but i not get it started in ntsc mode (try differen
  2. Thx for all the tips and tricks. I flash my bios and clean C and E drive. Everything still working (including the Dual Boot). First default boot is now XBMC4Gamers Second boot is EvolutionX (i called it default.xbe, so i can switch to any dash in the future) Last boot is the standard Xbox Dash See the screens for the "clean" setup:
  3. Thx to share your E drive setup. I will cleanup my c and e drive to get a clean environment.
  4. Thx for sharing your c drive Dave. It give a good starting point what i can delete or not. I don't have a config, but i know i can change the standaard dash boot order if i flash the bios (i already did this in the beginning to changing dvd check, igr and colors for the logo's, but didn't change boot orders in that point of time)
  5. Yes you were correct, the xboxdash.xbe was the problem. I also think it happend with the wrong options selected in the Hexen and Rocky5 dvds (i tested\play with both dvds in the beginning on 2 different xbox setups). I test in the future if i can delete some files on c and flash my bios so the standard location from the dash first point to e:\xmbc4gamers dash.
  6. I started the xboxdash.xbe in file manager and get a black screen. The i started the xb0xdash.xbe and get the default dash. I deleted the xboxdash.xbe and rename the xb0xdash.xbe to xboxdash.xbe and now it's working again. The dualboot folder is empty. If i start the evoxdash.xbe on c it starts xbmc4gamers, so it looks like a shortcut. I think i must change this in the evo bios to redirect it to the E drive straight away where xbmc4gamers is. I'm very new on modding, so in the beginning i'm not really nowing what i must do to get everything working right. I deleted some folders on E to clean s
  7. Hello Dace and HDShadow, A picture of my c-drive @ the moment. @HDshadow i check these options today and come back with you. Greetings, Mpnet
  8. Hello everyone, i have a hardmodded 1.6 xbox with EVOM8 bios. When i hit the power button it launches my custom boot logo and then xbmc4gamers. If i hit the eject button it starts the default flubber and then a black screen. At first i had a error 5 error, but i locked the drive and that message is gone, but now there is a black screen only. I want the default msdash. It's on the the c drive, but do i need to put it in a specific directory, or do something else? Greetings, Mpnet
  9. The one that works by you doesn't start at my xbox. Every single club football game i need to do the "EEProm" switch to PAL. I'm in PAL region, maby also a difference in TV (settings\signals). So maby it's possible to find the "check" line in the code that the game is not looking for the PAL flag anymore, i'm not a code guy, maby someone on this forum have time to look in it. Greetings, Mpnet
  10. It works, thx Dave! If i switch in Xblast to Pal and then start the game in XBMC4gamers it starts up. Tested 2 games so far, will test the rest. What's the difference when saying in XBMc4Gamers "launch in PAL", then the game is not starting, any way to force this switch, or i just need to use xblast to switch first if i play these games.
  11. The games give the same black screen with the composite video, so i don't think its a Linux Based issue? Do you have these games? If you do, run these fine on your xbox? For the 480i (swap the video output) i asked it in the "bugs thread".
  12. That are really nice solutions for HDMI and digital out. You need some soldering skills for that, thats why i looked for external options. But maby in the feature i try one of these mods.
  13. mpnet


    Hello everyone, i'm new on the scene and a month ago i started with my first modded xbox project. I'm from the Netherlands and have a pal 1.6 hardmod xbox with EVOX M8 bios. I make it to ntsc so i can use all hd modes and using the pound hdmi cable. My goal is to have a xbox with all games that where release on it on 1 disc. So i put a Seagate 3TB disc so i get the max of 2TB and use xbmc4gamers (latest stabel version 1.2.122) as dash (great dash!). I found almost all games now, its a pretty challenge to fit them all (using soms ntsc instead of pal games or deleting all un needed files
  14. Hello Dave, this morning i tested the xbox with standard composite AV lead cables (yellow, white, red input). What a diffrence in sharpness I try to launch the games (Club football and England Football), same problem starting with a black screen and then nothing. I disabled all 480p\720p options in the menu and started with and withoud the xtra launch pal option. Greetings, Mpnet
  15. Hello Dave, not checked yet with the standard cables, i can check that. At the moment the game England International Football has the same problem (it's only the Football games till now). The game Dennou Taisen: DroneZ i had also problems to start and i disabled the 480p mode and it started correctly, this not work for the Football games sadly. By the way, is there away to force 480i in xbmc4gamers without disable the 480p mode first? Greetings, Mpnet

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