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Changing Dashboard UnleashX To EvoX

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Just a quick question guys and girls, i would like to swap my dashboard from UnleashX to EvoX, my setup is v1.2 Xbox (Softmod), is it just a simple case of popping in Hexan or Slayers installer disk in installing EvoX.

Thanks all for your help, i appreciate it a lot.

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5 hours ago, KaosEngineer said:

Which softmod package did you use to mod the Xbox?


Rocky5's v1.1.7 softmod installer disk mate.  Sussed it, i used the NKPatcher from the apps menu.  Thanks for the info, immaking notes 👍

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Why would anyone want to swap from UneashX to an EvoX main dash?

UnleashX to XBMC yes, understand that completely but EvoX has less features, less tools, less system info, no music player and crucially, no file manager. What it does have is the BIOS flasher but how often are you going to use that? Much better installing EvoX as an app IMHO.

I'm genuinely interested in the reasons craiguk wants to do this.

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I wanted Evox as that's what I used back in the day of x2.6 and x3 Modchips, it was simple and worked like a charm for basic game playing. 

I tried it again a switched back to UnleashX as I was having grief with FTP using Evox. 

I did also try Xbmc4gamers but had no luck setting it up.  There's a prebuilt version on git hub but I just couldn't get my head around it. 

If anybody could help that would be great 👍

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