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Changing Dashboard UnleashX To EvoX

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Just a quick question guys and girls, i would like to swap my dashboard from UnleashX to EvoX, my setup is v1.2 Xbox (Softmod), is it just a simple case of popping in Hexan or Slayers installer disk in installing EvoX.

Thanks all for your help, i appreciate it a lot.

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5 hours ago, KaosEngineer said:

Which softmod package did you use to mod the Xbox?


Rocky5's v1.1.7 softmod installer disk mate.  Sussed it, i used the NKPatcher from the apps menu.  Thanks for the info, immaking notes 👍

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Why would anyone want to swap from UneashX to an EvoX main dash?

UnleashX to XBMC yes, understand that completely but EvoX has less features, less tools, less system info, no music player and crucially, no file manager. What it does have is the BIOS flasher but how often are you going to use that? Much better installing EvoX as an app IMHO.

I'm genuinely interested in the reasons craiguk wants to do this.

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I wanted Evox as that's what I used back in the day of x2.6 and x3 Modchips, it was simple and worked like a charm for basic game playing. 

I tried it again a switched back to UnleashX as I was having grief with FTP using Evox. 

I did also try Xbmc4gamers but had no luck setting it up.  There's a prebuilt version on git hub but I just couldn't get my head around it. 

If anybody could help that would be great 👍

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    • By Traluc
      So im working with a v1.0 xbox and I am trying to install the img from a 2tb Origins build. I have my original HDD softmodded and it is working fine. I was able to null the original HDD key and pull the EEPROM off and after successfully mounting the img to a new 2TB HDD was able to lock it with the pulled EEPROM with XBHDM. When I turn on the system with the new HDD it will show the xbox logo with "Microsoft" in white on the bottom, then it goes to a black screen. The LED stays green. Looking around I saw suggested that this meant that the softmod or .xbe was broken or that the shortcut linked to the needed .xbe didn't exist, so using XBHDM and Xplorer360 i was able to get into the new HDD and I was messing around with the config and .xbe files and got it to work at one point (kinda, and i'm not sure what exactly made it work, i know i know i should have taken better notes of what i was doing but this was a several day process and I had tried like 50+ different modifications/combinations). It would boot into a black screen as normal but when i opened up the disk drive the screen would flash and I would get another xbox logo splash screen without the Microsoft in white on the bottom, the LED would turn orange, and then it would boot up into the new dashboard/image. That worked fine for a few hours, even after disconnecting power and reconnecting. Then all of the sudden it stopped going to the new dashboard and img when opening the disk drive and the screen will stay black (i figured it may be an issue with taking a long time to load so i've let it sit there for 15min+ and nothing happens). I am at a complete loss, im somewhat tech savy but I have no idea how to even approach this fix. Any help would be much appreciated and I thank you in advance!
      Edit - I used the Splintercell save to softmod via USB, which worked fine to softmod with the old HDD. With the new HDD in it will not load any disks, be it the Splinter Cell game, Hexen Tools, or the Rocky5 Softmod Extras, and I cannot do anything but power off when its on the black screen.
    • By springskinka
      I just started up my xbox after having it stored in a box for around 10 years  
      I have used HeXen 2018 to update to latest version of dash. But when I start my old games stored on the HDD it will first show the "Starting Game xxx" and after a couple of seconds boot back to the dash again.
      The only things that works are:
      - apps that are installed with the Hexen disk (Not XBMC)
      - The Game Big Motha Truckers (starts but gets an error that the disk is dirty)
      Any ideas of what the problem could be?
      I have a Xecutor2 chip installed on the XBOX. If I turn off the chip it will not start but show an error.
    • By thewolftakeover
      I've been using  EvoX's telnet features to poke around with memory with games. Have been making some progress with Crazy Taxi 3: High Roller. Haven't made a trainer yet, but have ran into some concerns:
      1. I would like to have better control over value much more like Cheat Engine would have.
      2. Too many games close out access to the Debugger (notably Fight Night Round 3 and THPS4)
      3. A live memory edit would be nice
      4. Working with floats does NOT have to be this hard.
      5. CXBX is just a nightmare to work with.
      Does anyone have any solution to these problems? Does anyone care? 
      We can dump the entire memory using scripts. That's a start, I just haven't started on it. Actually Putty isn't working for this job. An
      In conclusion, can anyone provide EvoX / RemoteX source code so we can work on the telnet feature?
      Big thanks to: mandragor for EvoX Trainers Telnet v1.1

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