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If they want it that bad they will pay the delivery cost...

Im going to put my one on eBay in the next few days, black x3 modded system, x3 control panel, blue power led mod with blue controller port lights, 128mb motherboard, xecr2 se remote control mod and 2tb sata hdd with startech adapter....  :)


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    • By Edge
      So I recently learned a valuable lesson about TSOP flashing when I flashed my 1.0 with iND-BiOS.Beta.Feb-11-05.67.bfm.bin rather than the non-BFM version of the bios. I was wondering what the practical purpose of the BFM (Boot from Media) bios is, and how one would even use it?
      I'm assuming it is a BIOS that something can load AFTER the Xbox as already booted and initialized all hardware?
    • By lullatsch
      Hello Together,
      I bought an xbox today and planned to do a softmod.
      When opening the console to remove the clock capacitor, I noticed that a modchip is already installed.
      Unfortunately, I can't find any information about this chip. 
      Can you help me further?
      Can I just ignore the chip or should I pay attention to something?
      Is it possible to simply install a SoftMod !
      Thank you for your help !

    • By Aero_105
      I got original xbox with intentions to only use working dvd drive to swap for parts but up found the existing hdd looked damaged as original owner said xbox was making arching noises.  I figured to see if I can get the xbox going again.  The machine powers on and shuts off at 1:15(s) that is with a working hdd.  I swapped the power supply from a working machine and same thing.  The dvd drive does work on a working machine.  I relocked the hdd from another machine to this one the hdd was softmodded didn't work.  I then reformatted with stock C and E files relocked hdd didn't work.  The original xbox powers on automatically when plugged in.  The original xbox has a Xecuter 2.6 mod chip.  I ran the setup without modchip installed, with modchip turned off and with modchip on - no improvements.  Any suggestions as what to do next?  What to test for?  When on stock dashboard I could not load a disc properly.  When on softmod dashboard disc would not load properly.  Not sure  if there is a ide cable issue?  Not sure if the hdd is setup correctly for given bios?  Not sure if bios is corrupt.
      Dvd drive - works
      Power Supply - works
      Replaced Hdd
      Motherboard ? 
      Modchip ?

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