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  1. I want to sell it but so far all of the offers have come from USA. I'm in the UK so delivery would cost a fortune.
  2. People say £200-£300. I've had offers already but they are in USA and I'm UK so cost is too much to send.
  3. What could I expect to get for my old modded xbox? Xecuter 3 chip, control panel and lcd screen. Blue light in the top. Upgraded hdd I think is 250gig. Xbmc, xbox games on the hdd, emulators etc. Dvd remote, 2 controllers.
  4. Hi all, when moving house I found my old pride and joy modded xbox. Big hdd, xecuter 3 chip and lcd screen. I fired it up and after blowing of the cobwebs it still looks great.

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