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  1. Am I able to move my emustation dashboard from my E drive to my F drive? I want to install earth wrom James N64 into my emustaion build but E drive is too small. I dont want to brick my machine by just moving it, thanks!
  2. OK I figured it out. It took 2 days of messing with to figure out.... DO NOT UNZIP THE FILES! Once I added the zipped roms it seemed to take care of it. I assume because it deletes the .zip off the end of the file, where I had it as a .md file. Example. sonic.zip would get shortened to sonic where as sonic.md would get shortened to soni I could be wrong, I am not a professional and only do this stuff for my amusement. (I got 2 day worth of amusement out of this one) Any how I hope some one else can get use of this as well. Now I get to go and RE-NAME ALL 782 files again!
  3. Hey I am having an issue with emustation and adding Sega games. I have SNES and NES all setup. When I go and add my Sega ROMs they cut off the last letter of most of my ROMs names. Which then it won't allow me to link my artwork. I can't seem to get around this. Any one else experience this. Could it be my rom set? The games all work as they should just the art work and names being cut off. They are .Md. Designation. I have tried it under both genesis and mega drive
  4. Good Catch KaosEngineer I am going to put this on one of my 1.0 -1.4 xboxes so that's not an issue at least. If that is the correct connector that will be the way I go, cheap enough for sure. DNA64 I have all those pieces as well Thanks for the help.
  5. Ok That helps me understand it a little more. Glad I found this site I was getting all my info on Reddit. Thank you!
  6. I am definitely not great at soldering, My only other projects with solder have been component 360 cable to OG xbox's. If I go SS_Dave's route and pick up a cable later can I just add the cable or will it interfere?
  7. I was given this mod chip, and a bunch of Aladdins, from a guy I bought some hard drives from. It does not have the wire that you hard wire to the board. I have never installed a mod chip before. My question is, can I solder directly to this chip? Or do I need to source a new cable for it? What are the chances this is a dead chip? anything else missing?? Thanks in advance! ?
  8. It would have to be a really cheap console since You can buy and mod an OG box so cheap. That being said, I would love to see all the party games like fusion frenzy and co op games.
  9. lol that guy would love my dollar store speaker wire. "I can hear the difference" I have changed the paste in a couple of my xboxes and I have personally noticed no difference. But that being said, I have if I have a reason to open my boxes up again, I will probably change them to be sure. Its not a hard process and a little piece of mind from some new arctic silver.
  10. That blue one is nice, but Im a sucker for the original Trans Green ones.
  11. I will give you 100 cdn Pesos right now, but I will have to pick it up in a few months.....
  12. Its a fun cheap hobby now. At $15 an xbox if you frag it its not a big deal..... And chances of that these days is rare.
  13. ok thanks Dave I will be replacing those to see what happens. Do you have a decent source for capacitors? It would be nice to get a kit of them.
  14. It is a version 1.2 xbox. I have two same version same problem the capacitors seem to be all in good shape. It is very hard to tell with the smaller capacitors. I am at a loss. If I hard mod them can I force 480p?
  15. So it definitely seems to be a problem with 480i output on that system. Does any one have any clue which capacitors would need to be replaced in regards to 480i issues? I tried forcing 480i with that 'hold triggers and thumbs in', on original dash. It switched only original dash to 480p it did nothing for my games on the hard drive. Any clue as where to look would be helpful, pulling my hair out here. I am capped at 5 messages a day thanks for the reply's everyone! Here is a photo of the lines I am talking about. It is not noticeable at higher resolutions. Just 480i. I have tested same game, same tv, same cables, different xbox. It looks perfect on that xbox.
  16. My first time seeing these. Quite cool how do they play? Is it like juggling in some games? I am interested in turning one into a cabinet.
  17. I have a few soft modded xboxs and have mostly been using my 1.6 as of late. It looked perfect in all resolutions on all games that worked. But when I switched to one of my older xboxs, I think 1.2, it had major vertical lines when the xbox boots up in 480i and while playing games at those resolutions. Is it the xbox or is it software related? Is there a fix? all capacitors look good.

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