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Just Got a XEnium Chip What Are My Options

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So I just  scored a xenium chip, which came free with a broken Xbox.

the seller just said it was broken, didn't even know the chip was in it. 

Its a 1.1/1.2 and the board looks like new. Turns out the old owner has never flashed the chip and was running the stock dash, but had some how managed to switch the chip switch so it was half on half off, so it wouldn't boot.

well I fixed that and slapped a new drive in to take advantage of the set up tools.


so now I have two dilemmas.

1.  what's the best bios to drop on this chip, it's currently in the 1.1/1.2 board.

2.  Should I just take it out and put it in one of my 1.6's which are near useless without being chipped.  Because it's a waste in a board that can be so easily Tsop'd That said it has one of the teamxodus solder less LPC pads. Can you remove them ?.


any ideas or feedback from you guys ?

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M8plus_16.bin (256KB) or x2_5035_v16plus_512k.bin (512KB) are your two options.

If you use the official release of Evolution-X's M8plus_16.bin, first pass it through, load and save the dot bin file, with Please login or register to see this link. to have the latest LBA48 patch applied.

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I'm a newb here. I chipped and setup my sons old xbox a LONG time ago. did quite a few back in the day.

Now i completely forget how i did the software. I'm a HW guy. 

I have 3 xenium ICE chips and a couple other oddballs and 10 xboxes in vairous states.

My sons box quit on him and he asked me to fix it and get a spare up and running. 

I"m gonna need some hand holding :)


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