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Hackdabox Hotswap To Flash !


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Working Xbox with a Pinheader Install and a Working Modchip with a Hacked Bios
HackDaBox Re-Flash Disc

With the working Xbox turned off Remove the lid , the screws from the hard drive bay and DVD-ROM drive. Remove the hard drive (still connected ), lift it up and over slightly, now lift the DVD-ROM drive up ( still connected) and spin it around to face the opposite way. So now the DVD-ROM is facing the wrong way round but still connected . Support the DVD with something underneath, so it sits level. Now put the hard drive bay back where it used to be ( covering up the power supply ).

This procedure is safe the way I have described above because you have access to the Modchip area . The chip should be plugged onto a pinheader ? If not you can not re-flash this way.

Now remove the wire that goes to the D0 pad on the Modchip itself. Unscrew the screw near the LPC area and put the D0 wire under the screw and carefully tighten it up. You can solder the wire to the circle around the screw if you wish. remove any wire you have connecting the chip to the Xbox motherboard but leave the chip plugged into the pinheader.

Now depending on your chip type you need to make the chip enabled all the time.
On DuoX 2 solder a wire between the BT pad on the chip and pin 9 on the chip (This is point G on the official Duo diagram) see the picture below coutesy of cubistproject.
On Aladdin solder a wire between BT pad on the chip and Pin 2 on the chip
On Spiderchip simply leave off the switch.
Note : You need to do this to the good chip in the Xbox and the ones you intend to Flash.

Turn on the Xbox with the good chip in and let it boot up and then load HackDaBox Re-flash Disc Choose Re-flash Spiderchip ( it works fine on DuoX 2 and Aladdin ). Choose the Xbox version you wish to use the flashed chip on. E.g. 1.0 - 1.5 or V. 1.6 but don't hit A to flash yet.

Note Evoxdash or Slayers or your preffered Flash utility can be used with this method.

Now carefully pull the Modchip off the pin header with the power still on ( note only 3.3 volts goes into the Modchip so it will not electrocute you.Now carefully line up the chip you are going to flash and then push it on the pinheader. Never try and force it on , double check it's lined up properly and it should slide onto the pinheader easily.

Now go ahead and flash the chip now. The Xbox should turn off after the successful flash. Once it turns off ,turn it back on and the previously bad flashed chip should now boot the new flashed bios that you just put on it.If you picked Xbox V.1.6 and your Modchip is not in a V.1.6 it may not boot reliably so try it in the V.1.6 box.

Remember to put all the original wires back to the chip, and remove any links you have made. In other words put the install back to the manufacturers recommendation.

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2 hours ago, Hellraiser988 said:

My main issue is my screen goes blank 

This happens when you swap the chip before you reach the point where you flash. Make sure that the last XBE has loaded before swapping chips and then hit the button combo or "Write" function to flash. Don't swap the chip and THEN load whatever executable is meant to flash. The bios is called upon every time an executable is launched. You will crash if a blank chip is mounted and you try to launch a piece of software, flashing software included.

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6 minutes ago, Hellraiser988 said:

I loaded xblastos.xbe everything is fine until I slap the Aladdin on the header

Interesting. I had this happen once with a OpenXenium in Xenium Tools. I tried again and swapped without issue. If this is repeatedly happening... Maybe just get a modchip with an OS present.

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6 minutes ago, Hellraiser988 said:

Thing is the Aladdin had a flash that didn't support the 1.6 lol

Right... Those don't count. lol. Those things are cursed and are a pain. Case in point. I meant a chip that has at least Xblast on it, like an XBlast aladdin (which is modified with multiple banks and has XBlastOS on it) or an OpenXenium with XeniumOS on it (or even PrometheOS)

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31 minutes ago, Hellraiser988 said:

Wait you can put xblast on an Open Xenium 

Heh, it's on XBlast aladdins (swapped 1MB flash chip and reflashed CPLD). Open Xeniums have their own OS called XeniumOS. It has basically all the features of XBLast, minus the 128MB test tool. There may a be a few minor differences otherwise, but the main purpose is tat you can FTP, do basic HDD operations and, most importantly, flash a bios to the main banks with it. :)

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