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  1. guys how to fix Russian in xbmc-emustation? it is displayed incorrectly.
  2. still come up with a turning mechanism for the crystal, as it was done on the PlayStation 2 logo. it will be very cool.
  3. Thanks. I will study this method.
  4. guys, is it possible to add Russian to the program? please help me do this
  5. Guys, use the link to my Yandex disk. I will not delete files, they are always stored there https://yadi.sk/d/tNpOZyt2hpIPaw
  6. cover settings / script / XBox Game Artwork Installer script. And you will be happy.
  7. hello. in Russia you send?
  8. Oh my God! Bro that's cool! I have in Russia mostly version of 1.6 can be find, very rarely meet crystal. I mean on the hands of now 7 units, but they all 1.6 and me still nor never not engulfed in sale version of 1.1-1.4
  9. guys, where can I buy the original STARTECH adapter? I'm worried about the fact that I can buy a fake. if you can, share the link.
  10. I agree with you. the price of delivery to my country is not too democratic) it also scares me. I will continue to try to find the necessary revision in Russia.
  11. hello. are you sending to Russia? I would like to have an earlier revision than 1.6 in the collection. The fact that I have come across in the country of exclusively revision 1.6 and below can not be found unfortunately. well either I'm not looking well))
  12. very well, I downloaded, I will help with the distribution. I will stay and support the distribution of files as long as possible. thanks

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