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  1. I where that saw that it is possible to leave the motherboard of the DVD drive connected, it is necessary for loading of the console. and the drive mechanism can be thrown out. is that so? sorry for my bad English.
  2. Thanks. invaluable work
  3. Hi. I'm not much into this, how to add a path to the folder, but I did just in the Retail Games folder are folders with the name of the game, I opened the folder with the desired game and drag and drop all the contents of the folder on FTP using FileZilla Client on Xbox in the desired folder with the game. it may be too primitive, but it works fine for me. I would be glad if someone could suggest a simpler way. do not judge strictly, I'm still learning ))
  4. Привет ребят. Пожалуйста, загрузите этот шедевр, 4 ресурса XBMC на диск Google или торрент-трекер. мега не даст мне скачать ps: thank you guys, all downloaded)

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