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How To Change Language On XBox

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So I have UnleashX, and have noticed that under Xbox Info under the Systems Settings menu, the console language is set to Spanish (even though all the UnleashX menus and everything are in English.) I don't have the default xboxdash.xbe on my console, is there another way to change the language to English? I have noticed that a few backups I have tried to play have text and/or audio in Spanish, but I'm not sure if that's just from the game file itself or from my console settings.

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If I'm running UnleashX or another custom dash, how can I get the xboxdash.xbe to load the original dash instead of the custom one? I have tried inserting a few different discs upside down to get in that back way, but it doesn't load anything at all, the TRAY indicator on Unleash X dash just changes from OPEN -> CLOSING -> EMPTY :/

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Hi BulletWasp

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Download and unzip the file. Then copy to your Xbox any where you can find it C:oem dash. works for me.

Then open an xbox file explorer program and navigate to where you put the file and run it!


Let me know


SS Dave

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