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X2 Pro Bios Update

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Hi guys,

I've been away from the scene for ages and just getting back in.  I have a v1.0 box with a Xecuter 2 pro.  I think the current bios is 4982.

I've downloaded a new hard drive image that I'm trying to use but it doesn't work properly (something about LBA48 not enabled?).

I'm looking to update the bios, can  anyone recommend a "latest" bios I could use?

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Any of the latest releases will work with it:

  • x2 4981 (v1.0-1.5)
  • x2 4983 (v1.0-1.5)
  • x2 5035 (v1.0-1.5 and 1.6)
  • iND-BiOS 5003 (v1.0-1.5)
  • iND-BiOS Beta Feb-11-05 (aka 5004) (v1.0-1.5)
  • Evox M8 plus (v1.0-1.5 and v1.6)

Which to use depends on the version of Xbox you have.  Most of these work only on 1.0-1.5 Xboxes; however, a couple have a specific 1.6 release too.

There are .06 and .67 LBA48 configurations available too.  06 - F only or 67 for F and G support.  No reason not to use the 67 version even if you only format/partition a larger hard drive to use only F.  

67 release must be used if the new larger HDD is over 1TB in size.


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