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I'm currently filling up a 2tb hard drive with xbox and ps1 games to my console.

I'm using dvd2xbox to copy my discs and would like to know which option would be better, the regular or ISO.

ISO seems to take a bit longer and not all games will copy using that option. I've also noticed that after copying around 15 games, that it's taking around 100gb give or take. I feel like this is a lot of room, I was figuring I'd get more games on the hard drive than what it's showing.

Would one option be better than the other as far as space goes? Or should I forego the disc copying and just download games and ftp them to my drive?

I'm sure a lot of people here have already been through this, but I'm not quite sure if there would be any noticeable difference between regular, ISO or downloading from a site. I would like to get as many games as possible on my drive before I run out of space.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts.

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As long as we're talking about original xbox games, ISO versions tend to be larger and much less practical to play. You can acquire your own ftp-ready versions or use an app like Qwix to extract the games from XISO format into folders which you can then FTP to the console. If you extract them yourself, you'll have to remove things like language files and demos on your own, whereas this may have already been done with a downloaded version. 

PS1 images I believe are supposed to use .img or .bin format. Keep 'em that way. Or as .iso, as long as it works in your emulator of choice.

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That's all good to know. I think I'll delete my copies on the drive and download some zips or ISOs. 

I didn't even think about the multiple language files and extra stuff that'll just take up room.

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DVD2Xbox should not result in ISO's of 100GB.  The dual-layer media of an original game disc is ~8.5GBs with the game files, filler, and DVD Video content that plays when the disc is loaded into a DVD player.  Not all of that data is stored in the ISO DVD2Xbox creates for each game.  Most games should result in an XISO (dot iso) file less than 4GBs.  There are a few that are larger.

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4 hours ago, shanedizzle69@gmail.com said:

How is the compatibility for PSX games on the Xbox? IS there a compatibility list somewhere?

I have seen a list somewhere but generally, it’s not great. The Emuxtras forum hosts a fairly recent development thread where some big improvements have been made, but it’s really really hit and miss unless you have CPU/RAM upgrade and even then it doesn’t all work. 

I can say for sure that all the resident evil games run beautifully. 

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