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How To Install XBoX Skins.

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I quess the title says it all. Could someone in simple english tell me how to install xbox skins. I download Kaosengneer 10 skins and can't get them to work. I made a folder names Skins on my E drive FTP'd them in there but they don't show up. 



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You'll need to put the bottom-most folder (including its contents) for each skin into the skins folder for UnleashX.

For the InfraSkin Cyan, I've indicated (in the below image) the folder that needs to be copied.  Once copied, go to the UnleashX skin menu and, if you did it correctly, you will see InfraSkin Cyan listed. 


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Thank you. Did  I put the Skins folder in the right place (on the root of E-drive)?

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Where skins go depends on where UnleashX's default.xbe file located on the hard drive and/or the settings in config.xml.

To change it, go to UnleashX's menu item System -> Settings -> scroll down to System again then scroll down to the Skin Section to the Skins Path line.  Press A and browse to the folder you want to use for loading the various Skins. 

UnleashX will look for skin.xml files in subfolders only 1 level below the set path (e.g., E:\skins\InfraSkin Cyan\).

You can also manually edit UnleashX's config.xml file to change the location of the Skins folder to a custom location - for example: E:\Skins (files and folder names on the Xbox are not case sensitive but case preserving.  If you enter upper and lower case letters, they are saved but files and folders can be accessed without dependence on matching the case of each letter unlike Linux which is case sensitive.)

UnleashX's Config.xml line to set the skin path:

Look for the <Skin>...</Skin> line in: 


If no Path attribute is present, the subfolder Skins where UnleashX's default.xbe file is located is being used. To add a user defined path, add the Path="" attribute as shown below:

<Skin Path="E:\Skins">skin_name</Skin>

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Thanks everyone. I am happy to report that it works great. I went to setting/system/settings scrolled down and found the path for the skins and dumped into that folder and they came up fine. Now I want to find a skin that is real clean looking like Rocky5 extras disk.  Thanks for all the help



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