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How To Get Game Icons To Show Up

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For videos anyway, you have to set the path to them.  One by one in the menu.  Highlight the game name in the Games menu then press the White button to bring up the pop-up menu to set them.  Icons for the game should appear if not disabled in the skin's configuration as they are stored in the default.xbe file of each.

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I know this is an old thread but as KaosEngineer said back then Xbox game icons are embedded in the default.xbe and will display in UnleashX as long as the skin.xml is set to do that.

Those icons are generally as good as you need so there's not much point in replacing them. However homebrew games and some emulator icons can be shockingly bad - low resolution or not present at all. In the latter case it will use the game save icon which is a low quality 128x128 .XBX image ie. the same as the TitleImage.xbx you find in UDATA.

I sometimes replace those too because they're so poor quality - you need a JPG to XBX converter for that. I'd avoid the Xbox Image Converter tool - it will produce 128x128 game save icon XBX but it not good on image quality. The XBX converter to look for is XBX Tools by Xtech. Its a bit quirky - you have to convert the source JPG or PNG  to a DDS before you convert it to XBX. It doesn't like working with too many folder levels either so its best if you do it all on your desktop.

One thing missed in that ^ list is what's needed for XBMC - default.tbn (you just take a JPG/PNG and change the extension to .TBN).

On that subject; if you're making or adding icons for XBMC: in the absence of a game icon as mentioned earlier it will use the game save XBX to create a .TBN  for that game. It will be permanently, preferentially linked to the game. If you introduce a better quality default.tbn it won't display that until you've deleted the existing thumbnail.

They're found in XBMC's UserData > Thumbnails  folder.   

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