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XeniumMods v3.x - XeniumICE Modchip


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All new XeniumICE modchip design inspired by the original Xenium GOLD.
Edge connector for easy programming along with a purpose built XeniumPGR.
Plenty of connectors to support further addons, RGB and LCD display as for example.
Small and compact multilayer PCB design, only a little larger than an Aladdin modchip.

The modchips in the above image are the prototypes, final design will have
gold immersion (ENIG) finish and are currently in production.

Coming soon...

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XeniumICE Programmer:

I had a lot of fun working on the python script for the "XeniumPGR".
Above is a quick video demonstrating what I've done with it.
Firstly, the script takes care of the button and all the LEDs since
it was never fully implemented in the "Xenium-Programmer" code.

The video starts with the RPi zero powered up with the script running.
"Power" LED is now "Standby" LED to show when the script is ready.
I start by showing the long press function for rebooting the RPi,

to signal this the LED's cycle from left to right. Once the RPi boots up
and the script is ready it will signal this 
by cycling the LEDs from right to left.

I demonstrate that the modchip will only power up when plugged into
the programmer in the correct orientation. Short pressing the button
can start or stop running the flashing command "./xenium-programmer"
The progress LED turns on whenever the flashing command is running.

Getting the "passed" and "failed" LEDs to function as intended was difficult.
I had to monitor the output of xenium-programmer for "ERROR" and "FAILED".
If either of these two strings would appear it would be deemed as a "Fail".
However, if the command completed without failing it would be deemed a "Pass"

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XeniumGOLD Concept:

Turns out you can get clear solder-mask with black core PCB.
Using this method, I was able to put together a concept design.
I added an extra layer for the top side to add some visuals.
Used buried and blind vias to make things as clean as possible.
However, doing all this would make the design very expensive.





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