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Help With Chimp 261812

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Would someone explain where to FTP Chimp 26812 to. I have watched all three video files and am still confused. I am having trouble understanding the accent. The E Partition folder has three files in it. 2 Folders name Chimp and XPB Table Writer and install instructions.. I take it I am supposed to put these files on the root of E Partition? But what about all the other stuff. Most of it looks unnecessary except maybe the Source File folder. Am I supposed to put it in a chimp folder in Applications? Tearing what little hair i have left out.  Thanks


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Just put the chimp folder that’s inside the E Partition folder in your apps or applications folder on E.

basically you install it like any other application, it’s just hardcoded to the E partition. 

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Rocky5::: Your the man.. Worked like a champ. It's only 120 gig IDE but it worked well. I appreciate all you do and your contributions to the OGXBOX. I have also remembered you in your Paypal Account. Thanks for the help.

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