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1.6 Power for about 1 second then nothing


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If you have another V1.6 console around, first thing and possibly easiest, is to just swap the power supply for another 1.6 supply. (Do not use any other version, only a 1.6 PSU)

If the symptoms persist, then you know it's on the motherboard. This would then possibly indicate an inspection of the capacitors on the board.

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1 hour ago, ISAK.M said:

I just picked up a 1.6 Xbox and it does not turn on.

Whenever I hit the power button there is 3.3V, 5V and 12V all present for about 1 second then nothing.

All standby voltages are good too.

Idk whats wrong.

If the caps on the mobo aren't bad then you might have a bad PSU, just because you get voltage out for a second doesn't mean the PSU is working. The exception to this is if you or someone else has done work on the motherboard and damaged it. Unfortunately there is no way of knowing for sure until you replace something and see what happens. I would start with replacing the power supply since it would be cheaper. You can also find a 1.6 power supply for the original Xbox here:

https://www.tinker-mods.com/buy-replacement-parts/original-xbox/power-supplies/original-xbox-1-6-power supply.php

Luckily they are still sold cheaper here than you'll find on eBay.


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10 hours ago, KaosEngineer said:

Bad caps on the motherboard.  All 5 of those 3300 microFarad 6.3Vdc low-ESR electrolytics need to be replaced.


So if I replace those it will boot? How can u tell they are bad just from this slight buldging?

I guess these caps are supercheap so there is no reason not to replace them all too? If not how do I go about measuring each to see which one is faulty?

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3 minutes ago, UltimateMe said:

Exactly what I've said in my previous post.

I was going to quote u to show what they looked like but forgot so it just became a normal post.


5 minutes ago, UltimateMe said:

The last one is the best. The first one doesn`t state the ripple, the second has a way to low ripple, the last one has an "okay"  ripple current.

Alright ordering that then.

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