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Most Efficient External Disk for Isos

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  • 7 months later...

back in the xbox scene days a user there was experimenting with ide laptop drives, originally to play games on softmodded units, but when that was not possible it morphed into a sort of smart memory card device loaded with the softmod files.

back then there were loads of people all trying different different things, a guy there called RDC reverse engineered all the 360 controller variants, my favourite "pet" project was repurposing xbox 360 drives to work on the og xbox(custom firmware), and it worked for the most part on benq drives, but not so much on the others.

i really miss that place, though after reading threads here i like it here even more, xboxscene was always a bit "clicky" and i dont miss that, i just wish we had saved all the info and tuts, xbins has software but a lot of hard earned knowledge was lost when it went down.

hopefully some of that knowledge will propagate here, there are some amazing hardware and software mods for the og xbox info like that needs to be preserved.

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      Easy-Build for XBOX Original
      What is it?
      A tool in testing for compiling xbox code. Easy to Update script.

      How to use:
      Have easy-build-xinit.cmd on the ROOT of a drive e.g: D:\easy-build-xinit.cmd Open easy-build-xinit.cmd Setup the Xbox trunk in your Drive root as specified in easy-build-xinit (VHD users are already set up) Let the script apply Team Complex patches (These allow the xbox trunk to be built) Once that's done, follow onscreen instructions until Razzle loads Type into razzle: easybuild You can now build from the Easy-Build mainmenu Built binaries will be in %DriveRoot%\xbox\xboxbuilds\fre{dump} Any issues or suggestions please open an issue ticket so I can look into it
      Windows XP - 10 x86
      Fixed issues with mstools/idw folders incorrectly being set
      Basic Options for compiling
      'Unofficial' binplace script 'xcopybins.cmd' to place some built files
      Added 'xmakesamples.cmd' which builds the XDK Sample CD.
      Added a WIP script to set off the XDK build see XDK below Fixed %_BUILDVER% not being set on razzle-easybuild handover Changed menu colours (I may change back depending on feedback) Small update to some 'dirs' files that adds folders to the build process that can build successfully Separated easybuild.cmd (mainmenu) to public/tools/ Actual easybuild.cmd shows correct Razzle Tool Path now, starts xcopybins.cmd as postbuild XDK Building 
      InstallShield Professional 6.2 is required for this: I have included my currently in progress script to try and build the Xbox SDK. Currently it fails compiling the InstallShield specific XDK Setup scripts..
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      NOTE: This is VERY early stages.. It is lacking in many features that Easy-Build-NT5 has.. If I get time I will eventually figure out more of the build system, any and all help is greatly welcomed!!
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      I have a PAL Xbox, and I need to switch the region. If anyone in the US or maybe Canada could help me out here that would be great. Just trying to avoid the overpriced ebay shipping from the UK.
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