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Most Efficient External Disk for Isos

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back in the xbox scene days a user there was experimenting with ide laptop drives, originally to play games on softmodded units, but when that was not possible it morphed into a sort of smart memory card device loaded with the softmod files.

back then there were loads of people all trying different different things, a guy there called RDC reverse engineered all the 360 controller variants, my favourite "pet" project was repurposing xbox 360 drives to work on the og xbox(custom firmware), and it worked for the most part on benq drives, but not so much on the others.

i really miss that place, though after reading threads here i like it here even more, xboxscene was always a bit "clicky" and i dont miss that, i just wish we had saved all the info and tuts, xbins has software but a lot of hard earned knowledge was lost when it went down.

hopefully some of that knowledge will propagate here, there are some amazing hardware and software mods for the og xbox info like that needs to be preserved.

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