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Capacitors Kit needed, think it's 1.2


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Bought a Xbox at the local boot sale recently, after opening it up the caps look like they need replacing. Pretty sure I have read on here that the 1.2 usually has 3 caps not the 5 as on most so I just wanted to check if this is right or if I have got that wrong. It has the conexant chip and a thomson dvd drive if that is of any help.

The guy had a couple for sale but this one has the 3 little buttons on the front left so I bought it hoping it still had the chip fitted. It does indeed have a X2.3B Lite and the hdd is a 120gb so I assume it was done back in the day, I have only just had time to open it up so I need to do some searching to see what that chip is all about. My main issue for now is ordering the right caps so if anyone could confirm the version from my explanation I would appreciate it. Can post a pic of board if needed.

Thanks Cush


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You really on need to replace the 3 next to the heat sink (3300uf 6.3 volt) I also replace the capacitor next to the power connector as well

You can source some from Console5.com or places like DigiKey.com and the like. You are looking for low ESR caps 

Don't use Ebay or Amazon for sourcing caps


As tar as the mod chip goes it will be a 2 X 512kb bios chip and if you plan on using a HDD/SSD above 137gb you will need to update the bios file on it.

With that chip you can re-flash it with Xblast OS but if you want to keep the 2 bios compatibility you need to combine the 2 bios files into a 1meg file, You can use a programme called "x2 bios manager" to do that.




SS Dave

Soft modding is like masturbating, It gets the job done but it's nothing like the real thing.


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3300 microFarad 6.3Vdc rated, I suggest

  • Panasonic FR series
  • Nichicon UHW series, or
  • Rubycon ZLQ series

electrolytic capacitors.

Order the capacitors from  https://uk.rs-online.com/. They have the Panasonic FR caps in 5 or 200 packs.

5 Pack - https://uk.rs-online.com/web/p/aluminium-capacitors/7660044 

Price Each (In a Pack of 5): £0.974 (exc. VAT) £1.169 (inc. VAT)

200 Pack - https://uk.rs-online.com/web/p/aluminium-capacitors/9232770

Price Each (In a Bag of 200): £0.576 (exc. VAT) £0.691 (inc. VAT)



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