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Will All Roms Sites Eventually Get Shut Down?


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so 2018 has been a real blow to rom sites, and im wondering what people think about emulation and modding in general for the future. Also are ALL rom sites in danger now?

myself being a newbie to mod/emulation it has been a bit off a put off but i would love to hear any words of wisdom or tips for the future , thanks.     

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I’ve not been “in” the scene but I’ve been following it for a long time and can say it was pretty sad. 


But it you know what? It’s not something that really even *can* be defeated. Mod/ROM/Emu sites are honestly in as much danger as they were 4-5 years ago. It’s all PR.


Yeah, publishers and going all gung-ho on ROM sites but they really didn’t do much but take down one and scare off the next two-four most popular ones. 


ISOZONE has already been backed up and I’m not sure but think it’s replacement may already be running. 


Even if not, go try to find some ROM. Any ROM, any search engine. I doubt you’ll have much trouble. The internet - and the world - are way too large to really ferret out everyone who backs up and then redistributes this content. It’s too easy compared to the Herculean effort required to renew licensing deals for a lot of these games. 

A few good examples - Azurik, Blinx, Brute Force, and Conker.

M$ isn’t even gonna sell you those. There’s no margins there after all the work.


Xbox as a whole is a good example as there are plenty of publishing houses and devs that worked on that system that are just *gone*.


Who’s gonna sell you those? Nobody. 


But I bet if you name almost any game you wanna play on your OG Xbox there’s a dozen or more people in the scene somewhere or another who’ll help you get it. 

IF you can’t still find it online. Personally I’d prefer a world without piracy but funnily enough, copyright protection puts software publishers in such a place that it’s almost impossible not to foster piracy after a point. 


Developers deserve credit for the HARD work they put in to make amazing games for us. That said, paying some eBay scalper $400 for a copy of Conker’s Bad Fur Day doesn’t do dick for Rare, and that same example can be extended pretty far. 

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i agree . if it was ps4 or xbox one roms then you have to expect to be shut down but these sites hold roms from consoles that are nearly 20 years old or more. it really feel like bully tactics from these big company's.

as you said you cant pick these games up new anywhere and paying some one 200 - 300 for a used copy is crap. i collect for the xbox (mainly) and other systems and love having ITB competes but games like "Metal Wolf Chaos"  is 1) ntsc-j only and 2) around $200 for used, plus if i had an un-modded console id have to buy a Japanese Xbox as well 

i honestly do see the benefit of backing up these Roms id just hate to have what Nintendo will call a successes of 2018 turn in to a Rom witch hunt in 2019.  

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There will always be a way, availability will ebb and flow. Worst case scenario we end up back using physical media to share which is a pain but still more than possible. The media is out there now, it cant be put back in the bottle. Even if they could shut down every site there are always going to be people out there with 12TB in their desktops and every ROM every made in their libraries...

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