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  1. i agree . if it was ps4 or xbox one roms then you have to expect to be shut down but these sites hold roms from consoles that are nearly 20 years old or more. it really feel like bully tactics from these big company's. as you said you cant pick these games up new anywhere and paying some one 200 - 300 for a used copy is crap. i collect for the xbox (mainly) and other systems and love having ITB competes but games like "Metal Wolf Chaos" is 1) ntsc-j only and 2) around $200 for used, plus if i had an un-modded console id have to buy a Japanese Xbox as well i honestly do see the benefit of backing up these Roms id just hate to have what Nintendo will call a successes of 2018 turn in to a Rom witch hunt in 2019.
  2. Wow thanks man , honestly id love to upgrade the hard drive and add a mod chip at least to start off with. ill check out that website as well. when i was thinking about doing this it was scary cus i had nothing to work off of but you have given me alot to research. thanks for taking the time to reply to this .
  3. Super new to all this , looking forward to reading though all the tips and tricks on here as im hoping to hard mod my first console this year hopefully i can add a little more then just asking noobie questions to this site but for now ill just say hi.
  4. im very new to modding and have only soft modded my xbox but would like to take it to the next level. from anyone who has hard modded there console before is there any rookie mistakes that could be avoided or things to look out for ? bare in mind im nervous just to open the thing up lol . thanks
  5. so 2018 has been a real blow to rom sites, and im wondering what people think about emulation and modding in general for the future. Also are ALL rom sites in danger now? myself being a newbie to mod/emulation it has been a bit off a put off but i would love to hear any words of wisdom or tips for the future , thanks.

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