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Don't Know Where To Start

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Make yourselves comfy this is kinda a doozy :7_sweat_smile:

I am totally new to the OGXB modding scene. I recently picked up a Crystal Xbox at a used games store, and the guy there told me that it had been modded and has some emulators. He really doesn't know very much about modding so he couldn't give me a lot of info about what had been done to it, but since it was only $50 I snagged it. He even threw in a free game as well, so I went with the 1st Splinter Cell, (which I knew would come in handy for the Linux exploit if/when I needed to run it)

Now that I can dig around in it here's what I DO know:

  • It is a 1.6 XB (kernel 5838)
  • It has EvolutionX 3935
  • It says the BIOS version is UNKNOWN (not sure if that's just from it having EvolutionX)
  • It is an NTSC model (from Canada I believe? The power supply on the back says 100 V - 127 V ~ 2.1A ... 50/60 HZ)

What I DON'T know is:

  • Has it been softmodded or modchipped? (Haven't had time to disassemble it to check, not sure if there is a way to tell without disassembly. However I DID notice that the Linux save file for the SC exploit is already on the console, not sure if that means it has been only been softmodded though)
  • Can I switch from EvolutionX to UnleashX? (just preference, figure it will depend on if it is chipped or only softmodded)
  • AND is there a way to run backups without swapping a HDD? (I do plan to swap it sometime once I have some fun money, the Lock is still Enabled)
  • EDIT: I also don't know about the state of the clock capacitor, being a 1.6 I know I need to check that

I also CANNOT go to the MS Xbox Dash from EvolutionX (ERROR 21)

RIght now the Xbox works well (although I probably need to replace the rubber band in the disk drive soon because sometimes I have to give it love taps to open) but I really just want to be able to run emulators (which it already does) play backups, and do an HDD swap sooner or later. Since I bought this console already modded in some capacity I just don't know exactly what's been done to it and what I will be able to do since it is a 1.6. Any help is really appreciated

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That save is evidence enough that it was softmodded. However it appears that it was incorrectly softmodded (they used a very outdated installer). So you'll want to upgrade the softmod to JCRocky5's Please login or register to see this link. . From that link, go to the installer variants section and download the Quick Upgrade tool. Then FTP that to your Xbox's E partition and run it. Once you are upgraded, use the NKPatcher Settings application to null your HDD key (NKPatcher Settings is installed with Rocky's upgrade).

By upgrading to Rocky's softmod, you will automatically have your dashboard switched to UnleashX.

You'll want a bigger HDD to play backups. While you can burn games to DVDs, you should never use this option because Xbox DVD drives have extremely high failure rates these days. If you keep putting extra strain on the laser, you're just going to kill it faster. Run everything from the HDD instead. Load times are also better this way.

Your Xbox is a 1.6, so the clock capacitor is fine. Do not remove it.

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Thanks a lot, I really appreciate it. I heard that the 1.6's had bad clock capacitors, but that's good I don't need to mess with it. Now I just need my crossover cable to hurry the hell up from Amazon :2_grimacing: so will FileZilla work for FTP to the Xbox? or is there a fancy one specifically for Xbox?

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Depending on how old your PC is, you may not need a crossover cable.  Most Ethernet ports on PCs that came out a few years after the Xbox support auto-MDI/MDI-X to properly configure the wire pairs to allow the transfer date between the devices attached at each end with a standard Ethernet cable. 

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